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Friday, July 13, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Poet Liu Xia escaped China, but will Beijing ever set her free?
The Washington Post, July 13, 2018

Liu Xia stays home “to protect brother” on anniversary of husband's death
刘霞不参与公众悼念活动 独留与亡夫心灵对话
Radio Free Asia, July 13, 2018

【709大抓捕】失聯三年傳好消息 李文足:律師見到王全璋身體精神正常 (Wang Quanzhang is alive and well, wife confirms via Twitter)
Ming Pao, July 13, 2018

男子编造恐怖信息获刑:谎称身绑4个煤气罐找不到妻子就引爆(Man convicted for fabricating and spreading “terrorist message”)
Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court WeChat, July 13, 2018

央行:任何单位和个人不得以格式条款、通知等方式拒收现金(China central bank forbids businesses or individuals from refusing cash payment)
Bank of China official website, July 11, 2018

Access to Information (信息公开)

民航局通报外航网站涉港澳台信息整改情况:38家已完成整改(China Civil Aviation Administration confirms 38 airlines have complied with website change on Taiwan, 6 did not)
The Paper, July 13, 2018

“借古讽今”?新华网转文华国锋三项违纪搞个人崇拜 文章被封 (Xinhua repost of Study Times article criticizing ex-Party leader for cult of personality blocked)
Radio Free Asia, July 12, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

With 9,000 bottles of dirty “Spring Water,” a Chinese artist gets results
The New York Times, July 13, 2018

潑墨女孩下落不明 公安建議造假病歷爭輕判 父:我女兒無病也無罪!(Father of “Ink woman” arrives in Shanghai, demands her release)
The Stand News, July 13, 2018潑墨女孩下落不明-公安建議造假病歷爭輕判-父-我女兒無病也無罪/

泼墨事件后 北京东莞急撤领导人户外照片(Chinese cities order removal of outdoor displays of Party leader portraits)
Radio Free Asia, July 13, 2018

港媒报道北京紧急下令撤习近平画像 (Beijing hastily removes Xi Jinping portraits as inking spreads)
Radio France Internationale, July 13, 2018中国/20180713-港媒报道北京紧急下令撤习近平画像

被捕1000天 桂民海亲朋要求中国当局将其释放(Gui Minhai’s family and friends demand his release on his 1000th day of detention)
Radio France Internationale, July 13, 2018中国/20180713-被捕1000天-桂民海亲朋要求中国当局将其释放

Government Accountability (政府问责)

“保护假”能否真正保护女性劳动权益 (Female job applicants are forced to declare “I will not take any days off” on resume)
Legal Daily, July 13, 2018

安徽省司法厅原副厅长程瀚一审获刑17年零6个月(Former Vice Chief of Anhui Justice Bureau convicted to 17 years and 6 months on corruption charges)
China News, July 13, 2018

五粮液:宜宾市国资公司董事长张辉正接受纪律审查和监察调查(Board Chairman of Yibin State-owned Assets Management Company is under disciplinary and criminal investigation)
The Paper, July 13, 2018

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

四部门:最高法与民航局铁总实现老赖信息共享(Supreme People’s Court to share defaulters’ information with Civil Aviation Administration and National Railway Administration)
China News, July 13, 2018

民航局详解335名民航失信人:236人带违禁品被限乘一年(China Civil Aviation Administration releases detailed categories of “people who lost trust” in civil aviation)
The Paper, July 13, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

Hundreds gather at candlelight vigil for Liu Xiaobo in Hong Kong as China takes dissident’s supporters “on vacation” to stop them commemorating Nobel Peace Prize winner
South China Morning Post, July 13, 2018

【劉曉波逝世一周年】內地人專程來港出席追思會 望更多人為民主自由挺身(Mainlanders attend Liu Xiaobo vigil in Hong Kong)
The Stand News, July 13, 2018劉曉波逝世一周年-內地人專程來港出席追思會-望更多人為民主自由挺身/

President of Hong Kong legislature easily survives vote of no confidence
South China Morning Post, July 13, 2018

Threatening letters sent from Hong Kong make British human rights activist “more determined” to speak up for city
South China Morning Post, July 13, 2018

香港团体中联办抗议秦永敏被重判13年 (Activist groups protest against Qin Yongmin’s harsh sentence outside Liaison Office )
Radio Free Asia, July 12, 2018

律政司申重審梁天琦等三人暴動罪 高院准與「美國隊長」案合併 (Department of Justice applies for retrial of Edward Leung’s rioting conviction)
The Stand News, July 12, 2018律政司申重審梁天琦等三人暴動罪-高院准與-美國隊長-案合併/

Commentary (评论)

刘晓波逝世一周年:刘霞与恐惧笼罩的中国(Liu Xiaobo’s anniversary: Liu Xia and China’s looming fear)
BBC News, July 13, 2018

Liu Xia’s freedom shows China can still be pressured
Foreign Policy, July 13, 2018

法治课|知名高校称父亲失信将不予录取其儿子,是否于法有据 (Is barring children of “people who lost trust” from entering schools lawful?)
The Paper, July 13, 2018

德国:历史原因造就的异见人士庇护所 (Germany: a dissident’s sanctuary made by history)
BBC News, July 13, 2018