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Monday, November 06, 2006

November 4 - 6, 2006

Top News of the Day
Police - Abuses
上海访民被打成重伤 (Two Petitioners Seriously Beaten in Shanghai)
Radio Free Asia, November 04, 2006

On November 1, Wei Qin (魏琴), a Shanghai resident who had been forcibly evicted from her home, was beaten by police after shouting out complaints of injustice at an official car that was leaving the Shanghai government building. Fellow petitioner Zhou Minwen (周敏文), who called for help and tried to stop the police, was beaten unconscious.

Death Penalty
奇案令人反思 关口为何失守 (Man Sentenced to Death with Two-Year Reprieve in Anhui Found Innocent Eight Years Later)
Legal Daily, November 06, 2006

福建男子连杀五名的哥练胆 欲血洗警察全家 (Two Men Sentenced to Death in Fujian for Murdering 5 Cab Drivers)
People's Daily, November 06, 2006

流窜三省破坏电力设备 犯罪团伙成员被判刑 (Man Sentenced to Death in Henan on "Sabotaging Electrical Facilities" Charges)
Xinhuanet, November 05, 2006

中国新编中学历史书隐瞒中共劣行 (New History Book in Shanghai Makes No Mention of CPC's Wrongdoings)
Voice of America, November 03, 2006

Firing Provokes Debate on Maternity Rights
China Daily, November 03, 2006

Gay Organization Approved
China Daily, November 03, 2006

Human Rights
China Ranked as 'Surveillance Society'
China Daily, November 03, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Ching Cheong (程翔)
Ching Cheong Has Lost 10kg in Prison, Says Family
SCMP, November 05, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Jiang Lijun (姜力均)
异议人士姜力均刑满出狱 (Dissident Jiang Lijun Released from Prison)
Radio Free Asia, November 05, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚)
戒备突松动 律师首会陈光诚 (Chen Guangcheng Allowed to Meet Lawyers Without Surveillance)
Radio Free Asia, November 03, 2006

Human Rights Defender - Gao Zhisheng (高智晟)
高智晟被捕后家人面临巨大压力 (Family Faces Tremendous Pressure After Arrest of Gao Zhisheng)
Radio Free Asia, November 03, 2006

年底将至 中国矿难进入高发期 (Mining Accidents Become More Frequent Near End of Year)
BBC, November 06, 2006

山东省将推行预审法官("Pre-trial Judges" to Mediate Cases in Shandong Before Actual Trial)
Legal Daily, November 06, 2006

律师法修订草案送审稿已报送国务院 (Draft Amendments to Lawyers' Law Submitted to State Council)
Legal Daily, November 06, 2006

China Forced to Face Its Critics over Internet Censorship
The Guardian, November 06, 2006,,1939801,00.html

微软重申立场 一定会留在中国” (Microsoft Says It Will Definitely Stay in China)
BBC, November 06, 2006

《百姓》杂志网站第四次被关 (Baixing's Website Blocked for the Fourth Time)
Radio Free Asia, November 03, 2006

中国迟缓报导山西水库遭污染事件 (China Delays Report of Reservoir Pollution in Shanxi)
Voice of America, November 02, 2006

More Police Start to Fill Grass-roots Local Posts
SCMP, November 04, 2006

中共广东省委要求21个地级市建立特警队 (21 Cities in Guangdong Requested to Set up Special Police Force)
Radio Free Asia, November 03, 2006

Protests and Petitions - Corruption
蛇口职工申请万人游行 控诉社保基金被侵吞 (Application Submitted to Hold Mass Protest Against Embezzlement of Social Security Funds in Shenzhen)
Radio Free Asia, November 03, 2006

Public Health
The Crippling Cost of Hunger
SCMP, November 06, 2006

China Pipeline Raises Ethnic Strife
Boston Globe, November 05, 2006