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Friday, September 02, 2005

September 2, 2005

Top news of the day

Protests and Petitions /Government - Governance and accountability
Riot police break up Panyu hunger strike, arresting 18
SCMP, 02/09/2005
18 women from Taishi village of Panyu district in Guangzhou had been arrested by local police at 5:45 am yesterday to break their hunger strike in front of the district government office, which started yesterday. The women were released at noon after questioning.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Global brands learn lessons of bad publicity on mainland
SCMP, 02/09/2005

Death Penalty
Death penalty for corruption to remain for now
China Daily, 02/09/2005

UN Human Rights Chief Asks China for Details on Execution Policies
By Luis Ramirez, VOA, 02/09/2005

Education - Basic education / Law
NPC likely to start revising the law on free education this year
义务教育法今年有望进人修订程序, 02/09/2005

Environment-Natural Resources
UK, China in cleaner power plan
BBC, 02/09/2005

Gender - Domestic violence/ Law
China Law Society sees anti-domestic violence legislation unnecessary
中国法学会反家暴理事会呼吁制定家庭暴力防治法, 02/09/2005

Gender - Sex workers / Police - Crime
Three held for abduction, rape and torture of teens
SCMP, 02/09/2005

Human Rights – Bilateral ties
Numerous pacts for EU-China summit, 02/09/2005

Human Rights / UN
Rights group applauds reform deal
SCMP, 02/09/2005

Dissidents closely watched in Beijing
北京戒备森严 继续软禁异见人士
Radio Free Asia, 01/09/2005

Liu Xiaobo: Human Rights official comes, and the police are on duty

Law - wrongful convictions/ Government - Governance and accountability
Hubei court to read out final verdict of She Xianglin's wrongful conviction case today
湖北法院今日将就佘祥林国家赔偿案进行宣判, 02/09/2005

Law - Legal rights
Tianjin People's Procuratorate allow the presence of lawyers of the defendant at the hearing: an experiment
Peacehall, 02/09/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
Chinese government tighten control on media, putting party above the law
中国政府再次收紧新闻检查:共产党高居于法律之上, 01/09/2005

Media - Detentions
Epoch Times Reporters Jailed in China
The Epoch Times, 02/09/2005

Multilaterals - UN
China's economic growth reduces poverty: UN official
Xinhua, 02/09/2005

Poverty / Government - Fiscal
Tax reform a welcome effort to address wealth gap
SCMP, 02/09/2005

Protests and Petitions /Detention
Family of man who died in detention detained when attempt to hold press conference
Radio Free Asia, 01/09/2005

Family of man who died in jail detained
SCMP, 02/09/2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDsChina admits gays as major group for AIDS prevention, control
People's Daily, 02/09/2005

UNICEF official stresses AIDS education on TV, 02/09/2005

Reform – Population Control
Privilege of China's wealthiest: A 2nd child
People’s Daily, 02/09/2005

Mainstreaming the "Middle Class" conscious
China Youth Daily, 02/09/2005

Low marks for WTO compliance
SCMP, 02/09/2005

China denounces Dalai Lama amid Tibet celebrations
Reuters via, 02/09/2005

'Great achievements' in Tibet just propaganda, say activists
SCMP, 02/09/2005

Chinese Court Has Jailed More Than 20 'Reactionary' Tibetans Since 1996
Radio Free Asia, 01/09/2005

Blair urged to press China on Tibet as exiles party
Reuters, 02/09/2005