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Thursday, February 09, 2006

February 9, 2006


Children - Children
深圳拟建立少儿住院保险制度 (Shenzhen to Establish Health Insurance Scheme for Children)
China Youth Daily, February 09, 2006

Children - Law/Protection / Gender
最高法院出台解释与幼女发生性行为不都是犯罪 (Supreme Court Issues Controversial Explanation: "Minors Having Sex with Young Girls Not Necessarily a Crime"), February 09, 2006

Economic Development
China Still a "Less Developed Country"
Xinhuanet, February 09, 2006

专家献策:五年内让五亿农民入城 (Experts Suggest Relaxing Hukou System to Allow 500 Million Peasants to Come to Cities in 5 Years)
Wen Wei Po, February 09, 2006

滴血的GDP數字 (The Suffering Behind China's Impressive GDP Figures)
BBC, February 08, 2006

Environment - Water
Rising Tide of Salinity Threatens Delta Freshwater Supply
SCMP, February 09, 2006

中国水污染灾难何时了? (When Will Water Pollution Disasters in China End?)
Voice of America, February 09, 2006

Labor - Employment Conditions
Labor Shortage Likely to Worsen
SCMP, February 09, 2006

Law - Court System
人民监督员制度试点的几个问题及完善建议 (Suggestions on How to Improve the “People's Supervisors” System)
Legal Daily, February 09, 2006

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom
Editor Fired over Reports Criticizing Authorities
SCMP, February 09, 2006

《人民日報》前总编胡绩伟挺《冰点》(Former Chief Editor of People's Daily Says the Closure of Freezing Point May be Unconstitutional)
Asia Times Online, February 09, 2006

Chinese Editor Dies After Beating by the Police
New York Times, February 08, 2006

'Police Beating Caused Death'
SCMP, February 09, 2006

Media - Internet Censorship
Net Portals Braced for More Curbs on Content
SCMP, February 09, 2006

Yahoo, Press Watchdog Clash over Chinese Cyber-Dissident
AFP (via YahooNews), February 09, 2006

Politics - NPC
2006年全国各地两会的热点焦点亮点 (An Overview of the Major Issues Discussed at Local NPC and CCPCC Conferences Across China)
People's Daily, February 09, 2006

Population - One-Child Policy
中国治理出生人口性别比初见成效 平等意识增强 (Progress in Improving China's Male-Female Ratio at Birth Reflects Growing Awareness of Gender Equality), February 09, 2006

Poverty - Urban Poverty
城市贫困群体呈发展趋势 (Urban Poverty on the Rise)
China Youth Daily, February 09, 2006

Protests and Petitions - Corruption (Case)
太石村暴力升级 村民被砍手指 (Violence Increases in Taishi Village After Villager Slashed)
Radio Free Asia, February 09, 2006

Rural Issues
让农民说话有门 投诉有应 (Farmers’ Complaints Should Be Answered to Ensure That Their Voices Are Heard)
China Youth Daily, February 09, 2006

North Korea / Children - Trafficking of Children
报导指北韩妇女儿童在中国遭贩卖剥削 (NGO Reports Abuses of North Korean Women and Children in China), February 08, 2006