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Friday, August 03, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Ai Weiwei says Beijing studio wrecked without notice
Channel NewsAsia, August 3, 2018

China asks Sweden to extradite man wanted on embezzlement charges
Reuters, August 3, 2018

曾祭劉曉波 維權人士許光利被指毆維穩人員 「尋釁滋事」判囚4年10個月 (Rights activist who commemorated Liu Xiaobo is for assaulting “stability maintenance” personnel)
Ming Pao, August 3, 2018

在审判执行中切实维护残疾人合法权益 (Supreme People's Procuratorate and China Disabled Persons' Federation jointly issue opinion on protecting rights of disabled persons in legal process)
Legal Daily, August 2, 2018

蔺其磊律师、刘正清律师:秦永敏先生案件的进展通报 (Jailed veteran activist Qin Yongmin files appeal against conviction, is denied meeting with lawyer)
China Human Rights Defenders, August 2, 2018

江西余干一女子拍摄传播被害人图片视频,被公安机关依法处理 (Bystander is detained for taking and posting pictures of murder victim on the Internet)
Shangrao Public Security Bureau WeChat, August 3, 2018

Access to Information (信息公开)

Who is Chinese professor Sun Wenguang?
Voice of America, August 2, 2018

孙文广接受外媒采访被破门带走 凸显中国人权状况恶化 (Sun Wenguang incident exemplifies deterioration of human rights conditions in China)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 3, 2018

孙文广教授据信被软禁在济南军区燕子山庄2号楼(Professor Sun Wenguang rumored to be held under house arrest in Jinan military district)
Voice of America, August 3, 2018

广东律协新规限制律师网络言论 (Guangdong Lawyers Association issues new regulations on online speech)
Radio Free Asia, August 3, 2018

威海发布“黑红名单”信息8400余条 (Weihai embeds residents’ city public credit scores into ID cards)
Legal Daily, August 3, 2018

南京打造市民“诚信身份证” (Nanjing implements "social credit ID" with monetary rewards for "good credit" citizens)
Legal Daily, August 2, 2018

晚報:稱台灣「最喜歡國家」惹大陸網民聲討,女星宋芸樺道歉並自稱中國人 (Taiwanese actress forced to apologize and identify as Chinese after uproar from mainland netizens)
The Initium, August 3, 2018

China to require all places of worship to fly the national flag, expanding Xinjiang policy
Radio Free Asia, August 2, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Interview: “I felt that sense of threat very keenly”
Radio Free Asia, August 2, 2018

胡鞍钢被讽“给帝王唱赞歌” 千人联名要求清华将其开除 (Thousands sign petition to remove Tsinghua professor, stout advocate of China supremacy)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 3, 2018

胡鞍钢、中美贸易战与“厉害了,我的国” (Professor Hu Angang, trade war, and “My Superior Homeland”)
Deutsche Welle, August 3, 2018

纽时称有谷歌员工不满公司推中国“净身版”搜寻器愤而辞职 (Google employees rumored to quit job and refuse to participate in developing censored version of search engine)
Radio France Internationale, August 3, 2018中国/20180803-纽时称有谷歌员工不满公司推中国净身版搜寻器愤而辞职

Government Accountability (政府问责)

焦点对话:习近平高层促维稳 (Xi urges stepped up stability maintenance in six fields: jobs, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment, forecast)
Voice of America, August 3, 2018

上海海洋大学原副校长李延臣被开除党籍和公职 (Former Vice President of Shanghai Ocean University is arrested for serious disciplinary and legal violations)
Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Official Website, August 3, 2018

山西省检察院副检察长秦文峰严重违纪被撤职,曾任纪检组长 (Former Deputy Attorney General of Shanxi People’s Procuratorate is removed from job for serious disciplinary violation)
The Paper, August, 2018

检察机关依法对苏州市政协原主席高雪坤涉嫌受贿案提起公诉 (Former Chairman of Suzhou Political Consultative Conference is indicted for corruption charges)
Supreme People's Procuratorate, August 3, 2018

安徽广德通报24名公职人员交通违法信息,含姓名单位车牌号 (Local government broadcasts traffic violations by public officials, including personal information such as license plate and work unit)
Anhui Net, August 3, 2018

重磅!央企负责人重大决策将终身问责! (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to remove statute of limitation for serious violations)
Economic Information Daily, August 2, 2018

范冰冰不见了?中国政府要修理娱乐圈?(Celebrities are banned from dissolving companies and studios amid tax evasion probe)
Radio Free Asia, August 2, 2018

ICT and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

Understanding China’s technological rise
The Diplomat, August 2, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

Judge ruling a blow to transgender rights in Hong Kong as inmates told they must do time according to their biology not what they identify as
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018

準變性人囚犯不滿被囚男子監獄提覆核 獲裁部分勝訴(Transgender inmate receives partial victory in appeal)
Radio Television Hong Kong, August 3, 2018

Beijing tells Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club to call off talk by separatist party leader Andy Chan Ho-tin
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018

“They are treating Hong Kong like parts of China”: Pro-independence activist Andy Chan condemns move to censor talk
Hong Kong Free Press, August 3, 2018

聲援深圳佳士工人鬥爭 組織獨立工會無罪 (Socialist Action issues statement to support Shenzhen Jasic workers)
Inmediahk, August 3, 2018

中國「國家藝術基金」開放港澳台申請 重點資助謳歌黨國項目 (China National Arts Fund opens to applicants in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, encourages projects on praising Party and country)
The Stand News, August 3, 2018中國-國家藝術基金-開放港澳台申請-重點資助謳歌黨國項目/

Court of Appeal calls on Hong Kong government to do more to investigate forced labor
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018

Hong Kong’s poor forced to eat food only fit “for pigs and dogs” as city’s money-hungry companies exploit need for basic items
South China Morning Post, August 3, 2018

Commentary (评论)

Remaking China’s civil society in the Xi Jinping era
ChinaFile, August 2, 2018

Outgoing UN rights chief: No regrets for speaking up
Washington Post, August 3, 2018

China’s AI giants can’t say no to the Party
Foreign Policy, August 2, 2018

China’s controversies create cracks in Xi’s facade
Financial Times, August 3, 2018

China finds things hard to contain in and out
The Standard, August 3, 2018

中式「自 high」的代價(Price of China’s self-claimed success)
The Stand News, August 3, 2018中式-自-high-的代價/