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Friday, March 02, 2012


Two-thirds of China's Cities Fail on Air Standards
The Associated Press, March 02, 2012

Jasmine Rallies

茉莉花革命周年 被拘异议人士受关注 (Dissidents Remained Detained On First Anniversary of Jasmine Rallies)
Radio Free Asia, March 01, 2012


China Issues Regulation on Detainees' Rights
Xinhua News Agency, March 02, 2012

两会前夕 刑诉法“监视居住”条款成看点 (Secret Detention Stipulations in Draft Criminal Procedure Law a Focus before NPC/CPPCC Meetings)
Deutsche Welle, March 02, 2-12,,15778774,00.html


In Tibet, Top Chinese Official Orders New Media Clampdown
Voice of Asia, March 01, 2012

Shoot-to-kill Order after Bombing
Radio Free Asia, March 01, 2012


Mother of Trafficking Victim Detained
Radio Free Asia, March 01, 2012

北京用高楼大厦对新疆进一步汉化 (Further Hanification of Xinjiang through High-rise Apartment Buildings)
Radio France Internationale, March 01, 2012中国/20120301-北京用高楼大厦对新疆进一步汉化

新疆各地严查维人证件 喀什和田乌市公安防报复 (Uyghurs around China Being Put through Checks)
Radio Free Asia, March 01, 2012