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Wednesday, December 07, 2011


New Year Deadline to Resolve Back-pay Disputes
South China Morning Post, December 07, 2011


Uyghur Youth Dies in Jail
Radio Free Asia, December 06, 2011


扶贫办:非政府组织扶贫将获国家支持 (Poverty Alleviation Office Welcomes Assistance from NGOs)
The Beijing News, December 07, 2011

Protests and Petitions

Dozen Detained in Singapore-owned Plant Strike in Shanghai
Reuters, December 06, 2011

Workers Refuse to Back Down
South China Morning Post, December 07, 2011

成都多位独立参选人因请愿遭传唤 访民再曝中央查黑保安内幕 (Chengdu: Several Independent Candidates Summoned for Petitioning)
Radio Free Asia, December 06, 2011

Public Health

全国人大常委会委员建议精神障碍患者家属应承担看管责任 立法健全我国的成人监护制度 (NPC Standing Committee Proposal: Families Should Bear Duty of Care for Those with Mental Illness)
Legal Daily, December 07, 2011

State Security

周永康在全国加强和创新社会管理工作座谈会上强调 统筹发展民生稳定 搞好规划设计 夯实基层基础 完善社会管理体系 (Senior Party Leader Zhou Yongkang Stresses Importance of Improving Social Management System)
Legal Daily, December 04, 2011