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Monday, July 23, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

狱中江天勇被迫服用不明药物令人忧虑 (Parents visit Jiang Tianyong, worry about his intake of unnamed medication and memory loss)
Voice of America, July 24, 2018

Woman who splashed Xi Jinping poster sent to psychiatric jospital
Radio Free Asia, July 23, 2018

徐琳案开庭律师将做无罪辩护 (Activist songwriter to plead not guilty to “picking quarrels” charges at trial)
Radio Free Asia, July 23, 2018

长沙一男子刑拘时中风致偏瘫,向警方索赔172万被法院驳回 (Court denies damages to paralyzed man who suffered stroke during detention), July 23, 2018

河南开封龙亭区法院用“抖音”晒失信人:强化舆论氛围 (Local court in Henan publicizes personal information of “people who lost trust” on social network Douyin, to “intensify public opinion atmosphere”)
Yingxiang, July 22, 2018

天津法院重金悬赏老赖财产线索,最高可奖励181万 (Tianjin court announces rewards for information on debt defaulters’ financial assets)
Tianjin Binhai People’s Court WeChat, July 21, 2018

沈阳:已抓获编造、传播“手机扫码引发加油站爆炸”信息嫌犯 (Man is detained for fabricating and spreading “terrorist message” online)
Xinhua, July 21, 2018

贵州医生揭医院黑幕反成被告 (Doctors are ordered to pay damages to hospital for refusing to perform operations that violate health regulations)
Radio Free Asia, July 20, 2018

Access to Information (信息公开)

北京政宣标语限期撤除 原因不明 (Beijing’s Shunyi District removes political slogan bulletin boards)
Deutsche Welle, July 23, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Interview: “She can't make public appearances”
Radio Free Asia, July 23, 2018

建工会受打压 深圳工人高歌维权 (Shenzhen factory workers protest after authorities crushed their attempt to form labor union)
Radio Free Asia, July 23, 2018

網貸平台存聯繫 幕後老闆同一人(P2P lending victims form rights group)
Ming Pao, July 23, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

首次巡视副省级城市,10个先查的都有问题 (First national inspection tour of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection focuses on eradicating “bad influence” of convicted officials such as Bo Xilai), July 23, 2018

Chinese President Xi Jinping orders crackdown over “appalling” vaccine scandal
South China Morning Post, July 23, 2018

In China, vaccine scandal infuriates parents and tests government
The New York Times, July 23, 2018

疫苗危机:矛头不准针对党和政府 (Vaccine scandal victims are ordered not to criticize government or Party)
Deutsche Welle, July 23, 2018

Chinese State Council solicits advice from the people through “General Inspection Survey”
SupChina, July 23, 2018

青海水利工程扰民 军警戒备防示威 (Qinghai deploys police and soldiers at hydraulic engineering project site in Tibetan district)
Radio Free Asia, July 23, 2018

40年来中国实现人权事业发展历史性进步 (China has achieved historic progress in human rights development, say experts at Reform and Opening and China Human Rights Development Conference)
Guangming Daily, July 19, 2018

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

Why China’s tech-savvy millennials are quitting WeChat
South China Morning Post, July 23, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong National Party leader Andy Chan says judicial review of attempt to ban it is possible
South China Morning Post, July 22, 2018

In pictures: Hongkongers rally for free speech amid gov’t plan to ban political party
Hong Kong Free Press, July 22, 2018

We wouldn’t watch any group if it wasn’t breaking the law, says police chief after ban threat against pro-independence Hong Kong National Party
South China Morning Post, July 23, 2018

【真 ‧ 社团? 】廿名神秘大汉全程「观察」民阵游行 特别关注独派组织 (Suspicious gang in black monitors civil organizations’ demonstration against ban on Hong Kong National Party)
The Stand News, July 21, 2018反對取締民族黨遊行-廿名神秘大漢全程-觀察-特別關注獨派組織

Hong Kong Journalists Association expresses concern over the use of media reports by the Security Bureau as evidence in banning Hong Kong Nationalist Party
Hong Kong Journalists Association, July 21, 2018

Is Hong Kong racist? Prejudice against ethnic minorities, especially Africans, undermines city’s claim to be truly international
South China Morning Post, July 21, 2018

向李慧玲發律師信 梁振英指刑事誹謗:官員有依法保護聲譽權利 (Former Chief Executive CY Leung sues media host for defamation)
Ming Pao, July 23, 2018

Commentary (评论)

Big Brother facial recognition needs ethical regulations
The Conversation, July 23, 2018

China is intent on overtaking the US to lead the world in AI
Financial Times, July 23, 2018

As Hong Kong police evoke “Minority Report” in banning a political party, who will be next?
Hong Kong Free Press, July 21, 2018