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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Wenzhou Crash Response Exposes Rot in Political System, Say Analysts
South China Morning Post, August 02, 2011

Families May Sue Railways Ministry
South China Morning Post, August 01, 2011

China's Media Makes Rare Show of Defiance After Rail Crash Cover-up
The Independent, August 02, 2011

港人大倡設特委會徹查溫州事故 (NPC Standing Committee in Hong Kong Initiated Request to Have Special Investigation for the Wenzhou Train Crash Accident)
United Daily News, August 01, 2011


Monastery, Villages Hit by Pollution
Radio Free Asia, August 01, 2011

Human Rights Defenders -- Liu Xiaobo, 刘晓波

China Jailing Nobel Winner Broke International Law: UN
Agence France-Presse, August 01, 2011


中国调查记者齐崇淮上诉要求被驳回 (Appeal Rejected in Qi Chonghuai Case)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 01, 2011


八一退役老兵感不公平被遗弃 敢言解放军大校被软禁噤声多月 (Retired Soldiers Feel Abandoned and Unfairly Treated on 84th Anniversary of August 1st, Outspoken Colonel Under House Arrest for Months)
Radio Free Asia, August 01, 2011


China Says Attackers 'Pakistan-Trained'
Radio Free Asia, August 01, 2011

喀什袭击在逃嫌疑人被击毙 (Kashgar Attack Fugitives Shot Dead)
British Broadcasting Corporation, August 02, 2011

嚴限宗教活動 矛盾長期積累 (Government Contradiction Regarding Religion in Xinjiang)
Ming Pao, August 02, 2011