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Friday, November 09, 2018

Xinjiang (新疆)

Hundreds of children of detained Uyghurs held in “closed school” in Kashgar prefecture
Radio Free Asia, November 8, 2018

Xinjiang: Life during a people's war on terror
The Diplomat, November 9, 2018

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Interpol says no option but to accept China's removal of its chief
The Guardian, November 8, 2018

國際刑警:無權調查孟宏偉下落 只能鼓勵中國交代 (Interpol: no power to investigate Meng’s case, can only urge explanation from China)
The Stand News, November 9, 2018

Access to Information (信息公开)

Media, guests shut out of US-China cyber relations panel sessions at World Internet Conference in Wuzhen
South China Morning Post, November 9, 2018

Hong Kong art space Tai Kwun says it cannot become a political platform, after cancelling Ma Jian’s book events
Hong Kong Free Press, November 9, 2018

馬建指無香港出版社願出《中國夢》 貝嶺:中文版明年台灣出版 (After refusal from all Hong Kong publishers, Ma Jian’s “China Dream” to be published in Taiwan next year)
The Stand News, November 9, 2018

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Another Tibetan burns himself to death to protest Chinese rule
Voice of America, November 8, 2018

新修改的《中华全国妇女联合会章程》全文公布 (Xi Jinping Thought incorporated into amended constitution of All-China Women's Federation)
People’s Daily, November 9, 2018

Wife of detained Chinese rights lawyer stages protest, meets diplomats
Radio Free Asia, November 8, 2018

Police in China's Shenzhen Beat, Pepper Spray Protesting Silicosis Sufferers
Radio Free Asia, November 8, 2018

國際特赦組織發起全球一人一信行動 促港府撤回佔中九子控罪 (Amnesty International starts global petition to withdraw prosecution on 9 Umbrella Movement leaders
The Stand News, November 8, 2018

Government Accountability (政府问责)

福建泉州:化学品泄漏导致生态灾难 (Chemical leak in Fujian covered up by authorities, disastrous damage to ecology and fishermen hospitalized)
Radio Free Asia, November 8, 2018

Chinese fishing village fears contamination cover-up after chemical leak
South China Morning Post, November 8, 2018

Historic preservation or just ripping out a way of life in Beijing?
The New York Times, November 8, 2018

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

At China’s Internet Conference, a darker side of tech emerges
The New York Times, November 8, 2018

Hong Kong (香港)

British journalist Victor Mallet denied entry to Hong Kong as tourist
South China Morning Post, November 9, 2018

Senior FT editor refused entry to Hong Kong
Financial Times, November 8, 2018

馬凱遭拒入境 民主派強烈譴責 毛孟靜:港府已成北京傀儡 (Pan-dems condemn entry-ban on FT editor, criticize government as Beijing’s puppet), November 9, 2018

馬凱被拒入境 李家超:不公開評論個別個案 (Security chief refuses to “comment on individual cases” as FT editor is denied visitor entry)
Radio Television Hong Kong, November 9, 2018

【封殺港獨】學生動源召集人元朗遇襲 成員家屬遭國安滋擾 (Leader of pro-independence student organization attacked on the way to school)
Apple Daily, November 9, 2018

Commentary (评论)

Some nations may already see Hong Kong as “just another Chinese city”
Bloomberg, November 9, 2018

观点:尘肺病工人的拷问与中国人权的生存权 (Commentary: Silicosis patients and China’s right to life human right)
BBC News, November 8, 2018

Sexual harassment in China’s male-dominated civil service accepted as the norm, observers say
South China Morning Post, November 8, 2018