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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011


边上缴红包,边了难受贿 (Former Municipal Environment Official Gets 6 Year Jail Term for Accepting Bribes)
Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, March 21, 2011

拆迁户叹上学难 贡儿珍拍板 (Relocation Bureaucracy Becomes Educational Barrier)
Southern Metropolis Daily, March 23, 2011

西江上游污染有压力 (Expert: Upstream Industry Threatens Xi River Drinking Water)
Southern Metropolis Daily, March 23, 2011

山西公布260个领导公开手机号 145个无法联系 (50%+ Numbers Released by Shanxi Gov't Unreachable)
Southern Metropolis Daily, March 22, 2011

Human Rights Defender – Rebiya Kadeer
Activist Says China Cracks Down on Ethnic Uighurs
Associated Press, March 23, 2011

Human Rights Defenders
Third Prominent Dissident Faces 'Tofu Buildings' Subversion Trial
South China Morning Post, March 23, 2011

陕西子长县发生山体崩塌一家砖厂3人身亡 (Shaanxi Brick Factory Landslide Kills 3)
Xi'an Daily, March 22, 2011

贵州19人死亡煤矿事故调查:长期非法生产无人管 (After 19 Die, Investigation Finds Long-term Illegal Mining Production, No Oversight)
Xinhua News Agency, March 23, 2011

Land Policy
邢台村民与施工方流血冲突 十多人被打伤当局封锁民间消息 (Developer's Thugs Injure over 10 Villagers in Bloody Hebei Land Grab)
Radio Free Asia, March 22, 2011

福州三百访民请愿多人被打 近七旬老人昏迷倒地 (Security Beat Evicted Protesters in Fuzhou, 70 Year Old Loses Consciousness)
Radio Free Asia, March 22, 2011

Lawyers Call for Shake-Up of Legal Aid
South China Morning Post, March 23, 2011

In Pursuit of Clarity: Recent Revisions to the Police Code
Caixin, March 22, 2011

China Rejects Google Claims of E-mail Interference
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 22, 2011

“放飞”50发子弹 牵出涉枪大案 (Policeman Supplied Weapon-selling Gang)
Southern Daily, March 22, 2011

Protests and Petitions
中国茉莉花将继续散步 南京梧桐树静坐被秋后算账 (Jasmine Rallies to Continue in Week Six)
Radio Free Asia, March 22, 2011

两会过后被拘访民陆续获释 因遭虐打需入院疗伤 (Released Petitioners Head from Detention to Doctor)
Radio Free Asia, March 22, 2011

Public Health
卫生部修订规章增加室内公共场所禁烟规定 (Health Ministry Expands Indoor Smoking Ban)
Xinhua News Agency, March 22, 2011

云南部分医院套取新农合资金 男性报销妇科费用 (Some Yunnan Public Hospitals Defrauding the System)
The Beijing Times, March 23, 2011

Monks Face New Restrictions
Radio Free Asia, March 22, 2011