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Friday, December 02, 2011

Human Rights Defenders - Feng Zhenghu (冯正虎)

冯正虎被带走近一周音讯仍杳 (No Word from Feng Zhenghu after Being Detained a Week Ago)]
Radio Free Asia, December 01, 2011


Workers Mass at Shanghai Factory in Latest Unrest
Associated Press, December 02, 2011


Shanghai Prison's Management Innovation
China Daily, December 02, 2011


China's Income Gap Widening Fast
China Daily, December 02, 2011

Public Health

胡佳:孤立才是中国艾滋病患者处境的真相 (Hu Jia: Chinese AIDS Patients Live in Isolation)
Radio France Internationale, December 01, 2011中国/20111201-胡佳:孤立才是中国艾滋病患者处境的真相  

溫家寶晤愛滋上訪者 (Wen Meets with AIDS Petitioners)
Central News Service, December 02, 2011國際


Tibet 'in First Monk Immolation'
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 02, 2011

喇嘛自焚寺 陆公安部长视察 (Ministry of Public Security Investigating Temple Where Monks Self-Immolated)
Central News Service, December 02, 2011