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Monday, August 29, 2005

August 27-29, 2005

Top news of the day

Law - Legal reform / Police - Abuse
10 key highlights of the Law on Governing Offenses against Public Order
NPC passed the Law on Governing Offences against Public Order to specify scopes of offences against public orders and power abuses of the police. The law would take effective in March 1, 2006.
People's Daily, 29/08/2005

Protests and Petitions / Police
Five elderly villagers held as police break up protest
SCMP, 28/08/2005
Police was allegedly detained 22 petitioners, including five elderly villagers, who participated in the large-scale rioting broken out in Huaxi County, Zhejiang province on April 10. The arrest has reignited tensions between the village petitioners and police.


Detention / Protests and Petitions
Henan petitioner attempts to organize protest in Tiananmen Square sentenced to prison for 1.5 years
Ming Pao, 29/08/2005

Former American businessman lobbies for China's political prisoners
AP via, 28/08/2005

Gender - Discrimination / Status / Law
Interpretations of the Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests
Legal Daily, 29/08/2005

Authorized announcement: Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests (Full Text)
受权发布:中华人民共和国妇女权益保障法, 28/08/2005

Government - Governance and accountability / Law
Chinese lawmakers attend lecture on administrative enforcement
People's Daily, 29/08/2005

NPC to hold landmark public hearing
SCMP, 29/08/2005

Government - Governance and accountability
Shaanxi Xianyang city residents allowed to attend government meetings for public policy-making
Nanfang Weekend, August 25, 2005

Law / Police
Laws target police and social stability
SCMP, 29/08/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
How to avoid breaching reporting guidelines?
Voice of America, 27/08/2005

Sex and the City (and China's media crackdown)
Asia Times Online, 27/08/2005

Migrant Workers - Migrant children
40% of rural children whose parents left to work in cities do not want to join their parents
The Beijing News, 29/08/2005

Beijing's Quest for 2008: To Become Simply Livable
New York Times, 28/08/2005

Protests and Petitions
Pollution protests a powder keg, say activists
SCMP, 29/08/2005

China's Angry Petitioners
Asian Wall Street Journal, 26/08/2005

Public Health / Tibet -
China Culls Cattle in Qinghai Tibetan Village
Radio Free Asia, 25/08/2005

Religion - Christianity
Pope meets group about China ties
SCMP, 27/08/2005

Resettlement - Forceful eviction / Law
113 Gansu Chengxian peasants sue local government for unlawful forceful eviction and demanding 25 million yuan in compensation
甘肅成縣113名農民告政府強行拆遷 索賠2500萬
CRI Online, 29/08/2005

Online beggar directory a waste?
China Daily, 29/08/2005

UN / Human Rights
UN rights official to meet Hu during visit
SCMP, 27/08/2005

China set to use force to crackdown on Uygur Muslim terrorists and separatists
Voice of America, 27/08/2005

Controversy over Xinjiang's development record
Voice of America, 27/08/2005