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Friday, December 02, 2005

December 2, 2005


Corporate Social Responsibility / UN
UN Global Compact Summit Convenes in Shanghai
People's Daily, December 01, 2005

Beijing Must Focus on Quality of Education
SCMP, December 02, 2005

国家的学校,家长的择校费?(Public Schools Forbidden to Take “Special Admission Fee")
Nanfang Weekend, December 01, 2005

Human Rights / UN
China Values Cooperation with UN Human Rights Mechanism, Says FM Spokesman
People's Daily, December 02, 2005

Shift Seen in China's Attitude on Torture
Los Angeles Times, December 01, 2005

Labor - Work Safety / Conditions
Workers Rights Debate Taboo in China
SCMP, December 02, 2005

Labor – Heilongjiang Coal Mine Accident
东风矿难家属指当地官员涉嫌克扣抚恤金 (Officials Accused of Keeping Compensation Given to Families of Heilongjiang Coal Mining Disaster Victims)
Radio Free Asia, December 01, 2005

Media - Press Freedom/Censorship
Courage Under Cover
SCMP, December 02, 2005

Media – Internet
Perspective: A Cyber Blind Spot on Human Rights, December 01, 2005

今年城乡收入差距或达3.3:1 将是历史最高值 (Rural-Urban Income Gap Widened to Historic High), December 01, 2005

Protests and Petitions
Housing Activists Held over Gripe Letter to UN
SCMP, December 02, 2005

Police Stop Petitioners Putting Case to Media
SCMP, December 02, 2005

刘晓波等公开信追究番禺官员责任 (Liu Xiaobo and Other Dissidents Write Open Letter Demanding Government Accountability over Taishi Incident)
Voice of America, November 30, 2005

Playing with Protests
Asia Times Online, November 29, 2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs
300 Monitoring Stations to Prevent Epidemic, December 02, 2005

中国的艾滋病患者期待解决药物之困” (AIDS Patients Concerned About Access to AIDS Drugs), December 02, 2005

Public Health
医改重在补偿机制改革 (Reforming Compensation Mechanism is an Important Part of Public Healthcare Reform, Says Former Health Official)
Nanfang Weekend, December 01, 2005

Visiting an AIDS Village in Northern Anhui
EastSouthWestNorth, December 01, 2005

Religion - Christianity
Catholic Church to Buy Land Taken in 1952
SCMP, December 02, 2005

西安16名修女遭不明人士殴打(Sixteen Nuns Beaten up in Xi'an)
Radio Free Asia, December 01, 2005

State Security - Terrorism
Anti-terror Trucks Land 100 Orders, December 02, 2005