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Monday, August 01, 2005

July 30-Aug 1, 2005

Top News of the day

Media - Press freedom/censorship / Public Health
Hong Kong media reports Beijing blocking media coverage on the spread of pig-borne disease
Voice of America, 31/07/2005
Hong Kong media reported that China blocked media coverage on the spread of pig-borne disease, which led to 34 death and 174 people infected.

Religion - Christianity
Underground churches in Fujian harassed by police again
中國地下天主教會再度遭到打壓 (Chinese), 31/07/2005
A priest of an underground church in Fujian Lin Daixian (林戴先) was reportedly taken away by police on July 25 while he was giving a mass in the house of a follower.


Bilaterals - US/China
China, US hold first strategic dialogue
Xinhua, August 1, 2005

Borders Territories/Issues - Taiwan
Peace, but not at any price for PLA
AFP, Reuters, SCMP, August 1, 2005

Corporate Social Responsibility
Businesses reminded of social responsibility
China Daily, 01/08/2005

Death Penalty
Former NPC representative sentenced to death for corruption
全国人大代表桑粤春涉黑案终审 维持一审判死刑
China News Agency, 01/08/2005

Detention – Yu Huafeng (喻華峰)
Journalist jailed for eight years loses appeal
SCMP, 01/08/2005

Premier Wen answers the pledge of the wife of detailed journalist Yu Huafeng
南都案喻华峰妻子收温家宝回复, 01/08/2005

Detention – Wang Bingzhang (王炳章)
Son pleads for sick dissident's release
SCMP, 01/08/2005

Detention - Li Jianping (李建平)

RSF urge China to release dissident writer Li Jianping
Voice of America, 29/07/2005

China's elite education makes children suffer somewhat
Shanghai Star, August 1, 2005

Environment - Natural Resources
China's Power Supply Expected to Remain Tight
Asia Pulse, August 1, 2005

Environment - Natural Resources
Excessive packaging environmental woes
China Daily, August 1, 2005

China to draft law for circular economy
Xinhua, July 31, 2005

Human Rights - Human rights defenders
Political dissident Xie Wei (薛伟) allowed to stay in Hong Kong for no more than 24 hours for US transit
民运人士薛伟进入香港 只获准停留24小时, 30/07/2005

Human Rights - Human rights defenders
Four prominent political dissidents received award from China Democracy Education Fund
中国民主教育基金会公布获奖名单 严家其等四人榜上有名
Radio Free Asia, 31/07/2005

Land / Law
Cases of five type of land disputes must be accepted by courts, say Supreme People's Court
最高法院出台新规 5类土地纠纷法院必须受理, 30/07/2005

Law - Governance
New tax law needed to narrow income gap
China Daily, August 1, 2005

Law - Legal reform
Third draft Amendment for the Civil Procedure Law set to submit to NPC for review
China News Agency, 30/07/2005

Media - Internet
Blogs Under Its Thumb
BusinessWeek Online, 01/08/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
Warning over curbs on media
SCMP, 30/07/2005

Protests and Petitions
Beijing warns against abusing petition system to disrupt order
SCMP, 01/08/2005

Senior official of State Bureau of Letters and Complaints reports progress in the implementation of new petition law
China News Agency, 30/07/2005

Public Health
Medical reform "in need of reform", 30/07/2005

Guangzhou halts sales of Sichuan pork
SCMP, August 1, 2005

Action plan to guarantee food safety
Xinhua, July 30, 2005

Pig disease found in five more cities
China Daily, July 30, 2005

China works on educating farmers as pig disease death toll rises to 36
AFP, August 1, 2005

China rushes in pig flu vaccine
Reuters, July 31, 2005

Religion - Christianity
Conflicting views in the government over the fast-growing Christians in China
中共基督徒上亿 政府内部有分歧
Voice of America, 31/07/2005

Resettlement - Forceful eviction

Villagers Still Occupy Disputed Land After Inner Mongolia Clashes
Radio Free Asia, 27/07/2005

Rural Issues
Farmers rights focus of legal clarification, 01/08/2005

Mainland poor left out in the cold despite housing promises
SCMP, 01/08/2005

Unveil beggar village in Gansu: beggars can build a luxury house after 4 years in the begging business
揭密甘肃“乞讨村”:乞讨4年盖起豪华新房(图) (China), 31/07/2005

State Security - Spying
Ministry of State Security officials talk about "spying" on net-chat
北京国家安全局官员首次网聊谈间谍案件, 30/07/2005

Women - Sex Exploitation
AIDS Patient Jailed for 5 Years for Rape
Xinhua, August 1, 2005