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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

August 04, 2009

Civil Society
许志永被捕公盟被取缔后NGO全面受威胁 (NGOs across China to Face Intimidation before Sensitive Anniversary)
Radio France Internationale, August 03, 2009

Green Dam
北京律師控「綠壩部長」 (Beijing Lawyer Xie Yanyi Accuses Minister of Industry and Information Technology of Infringing on Citizen's Free Communication and Other Crimes; Beijing Procuratorate to Decide Whether or Not to Accept)
Central News Agency (via, August 03, 2009

制约、整合、瘦身:特区深圳率先启动政府机构改革 (Shenzhen to Pioneer Governmental Reform)
Xinhua News Agency , August 03, 2009

化工廠污染 環保局長停職 (Local Director of Environmental Protection Bureau Suspended due to Industrial Pollution in Liuyang, Hunan)
Ming Pao (via Yahoo! Asia News), August 02, 2009

Human Rights Defenders
网上写诗获罪 再有《零八宪章》签署人被劳教 (Writer and Charter 08 Signatory Luo Yongquan Sentenced to Two Years of Reeducation-Through-Labor)
Radio Free Asia, August 03, 2009

Human Rights Defenders – Guo Quan (郭泉), Huang Qi (黄琦)
闭门审黄琦证人不准出庭 郭泉案周五开庭 (Closed-Door Hearings for Huang Qi; Guo Quan's Trial Begins Friday)
Radio Free Asia, August 03, 2009

Metal Leak at China Chemical Plant Leaves 500 Sick
Associated Press (via Yahoo! News), August 03, 2009

China Censors Namibia Corruption Case that May Touch President's Son
Christian Science Monitor (via Yahoo! News), August 03, 2009

Student Beaten to Death at Juvenile Guidance Center
Shanghai Daily, August 03, 2009

Protests and Petitions
北京200余村民不满拆迁补助 围堵高速路 (200 Beijing Villagers Take to the Highway in Protest)
The Beijing News (via Net Ease), August 04, 2009

武汉数百下放返乡人员堵路抗议 要求基本生活保障 (Several Hundred Demoted Wuhan Cadres Protest Insufferable Living Conditions)
Radio Free Asia, August 03, 2009

Public Health
Chinese Town Sealed Off after Plague Deaths
New York Times, August 04, 2009

State Security
Evidence 'Strong' in Rio Tinto Spying Case
Associated Press (via South China Morning Post), August 03, 2009

京地鐵車廂設監聽裝置 (Beijing's Subways Have Surveillance System Installed)
Ming Pao (via Yahoo Asia News), August 02, 2009

5 Attacks in Xinjiang Foiled, Say State Media
Agence France Presse (via South China Morning Post), August 04, 2009

新疆起草兩法規 (Two New Regulations Drafted for XUAR)
Ming Pao (via, August 02, 2009
Related news:
维护民族团结 新疆人大常委会拟制定两部维稳法规 (To Uphold Ethnic Unity, Standing Committee of the XUAR People's Congress Drafts Two Regulations on Safeguarding Stability)
Legal Daily, August 1, 2009