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Friday, November 23, 2012

Hong Kong

Fury in Hong Kong at Beijing Official's Claim of 'Foreign Interference'
South China Morning Post, November 23, 2012

For Zhang Xiaoming's op-ed and a summary, see:
豐富「一國兩制」實踐 (Enrich the Implementation of One Country, Two Systems)
Wen Wei Po, November 22, 2012

Hardline SAR Security Policy Pushed Again
The Standard, November 23, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

数百网民联署要求释放翟小兵 (Hundreds of Netizens Sign Petition to Release Detained Zhai Xiaobing/@stariver)
Radio Free Asia, November 22, 2012

Find the petition at:
Petition the Public Security Bureau of Beijing to Free Zhai Xiaobin
November 17, 2012

Land Policy

China Specifies Criminal Penalties for Those Damaging Grassland
Xinhua News Agency, November 22, 2012

Protests and Petitions

东莞村民堵路抗议村官贪污卖地款 (Dongguan Villagers Block Road in Protest of Official's Private Sale of Collective Land)
Radio Free Asia, November 22, 2012

Public Health

愛滋童父親:醫院當波踢 病人如等死 (Father of Child with HIV: General Hospitals Frequently Refuse to Treat HIV Patients or Send Them to Designated Hospitals with Poor Facilities)
Ming Pao, November 23, 2012愛滋童父親-醫院當波踢-病人如等死-211357956.html


Taiwan Ban on Visit by Dalai Lama
Radio Television Hong Kong, November 22, 2012


China: Last Words of 19 Tibetans Who Committed Self-Immolation
Global Voices Online, November 23, 2012

Chinese Netizens Speak Out on Tibetan Self-Immolations despite Censorship
Human Rights in China, November 21, 2012