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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bilateral Ties

北京反驳骆家辉对中国人权的批评 (Beijing Refutes U.S. Ambassador's Rights Criticism)
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 17, 2012

Hong Kong

Police Defend Surge in Protester Arrests
South China Morning Post, January 18, 2012


China to Expand Microblog Real Name Registration
Taiwan News, January 18, 2012


China to Increase Its Voice: Senior Official
Xinhua News Agency, January 18, 2011
Related news:
王晨:以更加开放的姿态,向世界传播中国声音 (Wang Chen: We'll Be More Open in Broadcasting China's Voice to the World)
Xinhua News Agency, January 18, 2012

Protests and Petitions

东莞村官被指做假账引起愤怒 两百村民再拦路又遭警驱散 (Dongguan: 200 Villagers Protest Village Head's Falsification of Accounts)
Radio Free Asia, January 17, 2012

China Village Rights in Focus as New Land Grab Sparks Protest
Reuters, January 18, 2012


四川藏区色达县发生藏人抗议活动 (Protest in Tibetan Region of Sichuan)
Radio Free Asia, January 17, 2012


新疆政法书记:加大对非法宗教极端活动治理力度 (Xinjiang Political Secretary: We're Increasing Efforts to Combat Illegal Religious Extremist Activities)
Xinhua News Agency, January 18, 2012