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Friday, June 12, 2015

Access to Justice (司法公正)

China ex-security chief Zhou Yongkang sentenced to life in prison, will not appeal
South China Morning Post, June 11, 2015

Zhou Yongkang trial exposes Chinese officials' links with mystic
The Guardian, June 11, 2015

周永康案:備受關注但無法了解的秘密 (Zhou Yongkang case: secrets under spotlight but not to be understood)
British Broadcasting Corporation, June 12, 2015

秘密審訊 周永康免死 (In secret trial, Zhou Yongkang escapes death sentence)
Mingpao, June 12, 2015秘密審訊%20%20周永康免死-收賄1.6億3罪成立囚終身不上訴/web_tc/article/20150612/s00001/1434044910470

程翔:周永康判刑輕 沒提薄熙來避重就輕 (Commentator Ching Cheong: Zhou Yongkang’s sentence lighter than expected, crucial point avoided by not mentioning Bo Xilai)
Radio Television Hong Kong, June 11, 2015

湖南司法行政戒毒系统发挥“三大帮教”效用--“攻心”戒治助力战胜毒魔 (Hunan Justice Administration Drug Treatment System rolls out “3 mentors” program to help overcome drug addiction)
Legal Daily, June 11, 2015

Access to Information (信息公开)

鄂尔多斯市政府信息公开暂行办法 (Ordos government, Inner Mongolia, issues temporary OGI measures)
Ordos News, June 11, 2015

China to require Internet video providers to have program censors on staff
Jinghua Times, June 11, 2015

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Calls grow for Aung San Suu Kyi to “talk democracy” to Beijing
Radio Free Asia, June 11, 2015

Travel ban on China's power queen
The Standard, June 12, 2015

China orders inquiry into deaths of children who swallowed pesticide
The Guardian, June 12, 2015

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong social media activists under fire as key electoral policy vote approaches
Global Voices, June 11, 2015

Elderly couple keep spirit of Hong Kong’s Occupy movement alive at former protest site
South China Morning Post, June 12, 2015

We won't repeat Occupy blockades, say anti-poll reform package protesters ahead of Hong Kong rally
South China Morning Post, June 12, 2015

Protest groups unhappy as cops get ready
The Standard, June 12, 2015

CY denies $300m bribes war chest claim
The Standard, June 11, 2015

中間人開價3億買票 誘議員袋住先 (Middleman asks HK$3 million for lawmaker’s yes-vote for political reform package)
Apple Daily, June 11, 2015

法律界選委聯署對政改方案極度失望 (Legal group in Election Committee expresses extreme disappointment with proposed political reform)
Radio Television Hong Kong, June 11, 2015

港政改表決倒數5天:林鄭指否決是退步 公務員公開籲否決 (5 days until HK political reform vote: public servants openly urge proposal’s rejection while Carrie Lam says doing so is regression)
South China Morning Post, June 12, 2015

左報圍攻三大民調 斥鍾庭耀造假、入魔、販子 (Pro-Beijing leftwing newspapers attack 3 universities’ rolling poll, say director of HKU Public Opinion Program Robert Chung is a “fabricator, infatuator, monger”)
The Stand News, June 12, 2015左報圍攻三大民調-斥鍾庭耀瘋狂-民調販子/

Opinion and Editorial (观点和社论)

专访笑蜀:公民运动与中国转型(下) (Interview with Xiao Shu: civil movements and China’s transition (Part 2))
Financial Times, June 12, 2015