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Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009


Human Rights Defender -- Liu Xiaobo, 刘晓波
China Extends Detention of Top Dissident
Agence France Presse (via Taiwan News), June 11, 2009

Human Rights Defender -- Fang Zheng, 方政
方政:无怨无悔 (Fang Zheng: No Blame and No Regrets) (Chinese), June 10, 2009

Beijing Headed For 'Garbage Crisis'
China Daily (via China Daily), June 11, 2009

Anti-flood Forest Chopped Down for Government Building
Shanghai Daily (via Shanghai Daily), June 11, 2009

June 4th
日本纪念六四事件二十周年集会 (Japan Holds June 4th Commemorative Event)
Radio France Internationale, June 10, 2009

Human Rights Defenders -- Gao Zhisheng , 高智晟
何俊仁绝食13周高智晟失踪4个月 (He Junren Goes on Hunger Strike to Protest Gao Zhisheng's 4 Month Disappearance)
Radio France Internationale, June 10, 2009

Impasse with China Erodes Dalai Lama's Patience
Christian Science Monitor (via Christian Science Monitor), June 11, 2009

Protests and Petitions
广东:城乡基层干部“八要八反对” (Guangdong: Grassroots Efforts by Urbanites and Villagers Create "8 Demands & 8 Oppositions")
Xinhua, June 11, 2009

China's Central Gov't has Fired Shenzhen Mayor Xu Zongheng for Serious Disciplinary Offences
Shanghai Daily (via Shanghai Daily), June 11, 2009

Officials' Bonuses Prompt Concern over Abuse
South China Morning Post (via South China Morning Post), June 11, 2009

Freedom of Speech
Twitterers Defy China's Firewall
BBC News (via BBC News), June 11, 2009

China Faces Criticism Over New Software Censor
New York Times (via New York Times), June 11, 2009

China Bans Parts of Gay Festival
BBC News (via BBC News), June 11, 2009

Related News
State Media Praises Shanghai Gays
BBC News (via BBC News), June 11, 2009

中国组建国庆阅兵方队全面展示武力 (China Reviews Troops in Prep for National Day, to Show Military Strength)
Radio France Internationale, June 01, 2009

State Security
公安部"打拐"行动打掉177个犯罪团伙 解救千余人 (Ministry of Public Security Eliminates 177 Human Traffickers & Saves 1 Thousand Others)
Xinhua, June 11, 2009

七名大学伊斯兰教团契同工遭拘留罚款 (7 Members of Islamic Fellowship Fined and Detained in Urumqi)
Radio Free Asia, June 10, 2009

全国整治互联网低俗之风行动共核查8万多家网站 (Nationwide, Government Examines 80 Thousand "Vulgar" Websites)
Xinhua, June 11, 2009

Bilateral Ties
China, U.S. Hold 10th Meeting between NPC, House
Xinhua (via Xinhua), June 11, 2009

Palau Cites Human Rights in Resettling Detainees
Associated Press (via South China Morning Post), June 11, 2009