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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

May 17, 2006

Top News of the Day

Human Rights Defenders - Internet Activist - Yang Tianshui (杨天水)
杨天水被判刑十年辩护律师表遗憾 (Yang Tianshui Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison, Yang’s Lawyer Expresses Disappointment)
Voice of America, May 16, 2006
Freelance writer Yang Tianshui has been convicted on several subversion charges and sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment. He decided not to appeal so as to protest the legality of the trial. According to his lawyer, the exact charges were posting articles on foreign Web sites, receiving money from abroad and helping a would-be opposition party.


Civil Society
中国地方政改与公众参与听证会 (US Congress Holds Public Hearing on China's Local Governance and Public Participation)
Radio Free Asia, May 16, 2006

聚焦义务教育法:为村娃留住好老师 (How Compulsory Education Law May Help Retain Good Teachers in Rural Areas)
People's Daily, May 17, 2006

环保总局:全国突发环境污染事件急剧上升 (Environmental Protection Administration: Number of Cases of Environmental Pollution Increase Dramatically), May 17, 2006


Human Rights Defenders - Internet Activist - Zou Tao (邹涛)
Media Ban on Housing Protester
SCMP, May 17, 2006

Labor- Industrial Accidents
贵州煤矿瓦斯事故 8人下落不明 (Eight Still Missing in Guizhou Mining Blast)
Radio Free Asia, May 16, 2006

中外律师事务所在中国争夺地盘?(Stiff Competition Between Chinese and Foreign Law Firms in China)
Voice of America, May 17, 2006

Media Censorship
Lack of Media Freedom Opens Door to Abuses
SCMP, May 17, 2006

《新闻调查》幕后:探寻事实真相与造假官员过招 (Producer of CCTV's News Probe: Digging up the Truth on Officials Who Tried to Cover-up Wrong-doings), May 17, 2006


命案必破两个确保必须均衡 (Balance Must Be Struck Between Solving Cases and Procedural Justice)
The Beijing News, May 17, 2006

Protests and Petitions
指导意见出台 律师办理群体性案件将有章可循 (Guidelines Issued on How Lawyers Should Handle Collective Lawsuits)
Xinhuanet, May 17, 2006

广州白云区30多妇女阻止强拆与警察冲突 (30 Guangzhou Women Clash with Police for Demolishing their Property)
Radio Free Asia, May 16, 2006

Public Health
中国城市农村都存在营养问题 (Malnutrition Exists in Both Cities and Rural Areas in China)
Voice of America, May 17, 2006

HIV Drugs for Children Badly Needed in China
Reuters (via YahooNews), May 16, 2006


Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics
SCMP, May 17, 2006

人权组织:中国继续打压家庭教会 (Human Rights Group Criticizes China for Continued Suppression of Protestant House Churches)
Voice of America, May 16, 2006

Rural Issues
负债八千万 建设新农村” (80 Million Yuan Debt Incurred for Building "New Village")
The Beijing News, May 17, 2006

State Security - Terrorism
上海合作组织积极筹备中国高峰会 (Shanghai Cooperation Organization Members Prepare for June Summit)
Voice of America, May 16, 2006