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Thursday, September 22, 2005

September 22, 2005

Top News of the Day

Death Penalty
Chief of Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau executed for killing mistress
呼和浩特杀死情妇的公安局长梁冠中今日伏法/, 22/09/2005

Detention – Ching Cheong (程翔) / State Security - Spying
Information mistaken: Ching's commentary on Sino-Russian agreement on border issues bases on facts, should not be counted as state secrets
The Hong Kong Economic Journal, Page 19, 22/09/2005

Detention – Zhu Jiuhu (朱久虎) / Human rights – Human rights defenders
Zhu Jiuhu keeps silence during the bail period
Radio Free Asia via Dajiyuan, 22/09/2005

Education / Poverty - Rural poverty
High tuition fees drive mother to suicide
China Daily, 22/09/2005

Government - Civil service
Chinese leader stresses importance of Law on Civil Servants
People's Daily, 22/09/2005

Government - Governance and accountability
Public called on to report officials with mine shares
SCMP, 22/09/2005

Human Rights / Police
Shanghai dissident freed, but still under surveillance
上海异议人士姚振祥获释 仍受监控, 22/09/2005

Labor - Work safety / conditions
Heavy hand to tighten control of mine sector, 22/09/2005

Labor - Protests / SOEs
Liaoning steel workers stage protest against company bankruptcy
Radio Free Asia, 21/09/2005

Labor – Protests / Labor - Industrial accidents
Workers suffered from silicosis seek justice through Hong Kong Labor Union
Radio Free Asia, 21/09/2005

Media - Internet
China's model for a censored Internet
The Christian Science Monitor, 22/09/2005

A Cooler Look at Yahoo in China
Business Week Online via, 21/09/2005

Media - Press freedom/censorship
Excerpted magazine article on Huang Jingao's corruption case removed from website
被大陆网站删除的黄金高案始末, 21/09/2005

Media – Internet / Media - Press freedom/censorship
Press Freedom Group Publishes Cyber-Dissident Handbook
Radio Free Asia, 20/09/2005

Migrant Workers
Respecting rights of migrant workers
China Daily, 20/09/2005

Olympics / Media
First TV deal signed for 2008 Olympics
China Daily, 22/09/2005

Politics - Political reforms / Human Rights - Bilateral ties
U.S.: One-Party System in China Can't Last
AP via, 21/09/2005

Population - One-child policy / Government - Governance and accountability
Officials fired for forced abortions, 21/09/2005

Protests and Petitions / Politics - NPC/CPCC
NPC Petitions Unit gives priority in investigating 3 types of petitions
全国人大信访局:将重点督办督查3类信访交办件 22/09/2005

Protests and Petitions
Audit report disappoints Taishi villagers
Radio Free Asia, 21/09/2005

Survey: only 2 out of 1000 petitioners have their complaints resolved
Voice of America, 21/09/2005

Public Health - HIV AIDS /STDs
Aids project targets pregnant women
SCMP, 22/09/2005

Young HIV victims must not be forgotten
China Daily, 22/09/2005

Resettlement - Forceful eviction / Law
Yunnan High Court rules in favor of villagers over illegal land grab dispute, village officials ordered to give compensations
村干部违法抵押土地 法院判决帮农民追回失地
People's Daily, 21/09/2005

Rural Issues - rural development
Wen Jiabao's idea of "let the people govern the township" prompts renewed attentions of scholars on a new around of political reform
Voice of America, 22/09/2005

Society – Drug
Drug abuses become a big problem in cities, says Ministry of Public Security
Voice of America,21/09/2005

Society - Ethnic minority / Gender
The Chinese region with women in charge, 18/09/2005

Hong Kong
Hu backs reform plan
The Standard, 22/09/2005