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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

June 1, 2005

Top news of the day

Detention – Zhao Yan (趙岩)

New York Times Chinese researcher accused of fraud
Reuters via, June 1, 2005
The lawyer of Zhao Yan, the detained Chinese journalist and researcher for the New York Times, said that Beijing police had leveled an accusation of fraud against Zhao today. Given this new accusation, the police could legally hold Zhao Yan for seven months for investigation without bringing his to trial.

June 4th – prisoners (Zhao Ziyang) / Detention – Ching Cheong (程翔)
Zong Fengming (宗鳯鳴) vow to publish dialogues with Zhao Ziyang, despite the detention of Ching Cheong
Voice of America, June 1, 2005
Zong Fengming (宗鳯鳴), a close associate of Zhang who had rare access to Zhao in the past 10 years, said the manuscript of his dialogues with Zhao was safe and would not withdraw the plan to publish the dialogue to commemorate Zhao.

Court move undermines commitment to rule of law in China
Financial Times, June 1, 2005
Shannxi High Court refused to hear a lawsuit against the provincial government for seizing oil wells run by hundreds of oil entrepreneurs. The move was criticized of infringing citizens’ right to defend their interests against the wrong-doing of the government, a right enshrined in the Administrative Litigation Law. At least five lawyers, including lead lawyer Zhu Jiuhu (朱久虎), had been detained by the authority.


Death Penalty – Zhang Hongdong(張宏東)
Gang leader executed for committing a series of triad crimes in Liaoning
Legal Daily, June 1, 2005

Detention – Ching Cheong (程翔)
HK journalist confessed to spying: Beijing
SCMP, June 1, 2005

I'm ready for the worst, says wife
SCMP, June 1, 2005

Food Security
Guangzhou strives to guarantee food safety
China Daily, June 1, 2005

June 4th
Rising sympathy for Tiananmen students
SCMP, June 1, 2005

Calls on China’s Leader to Rethink June 4
Radio Free Asia, May 30, 2005

Beijing advise petitioners to return home at the wake of June 4th anniversary
Oriential Daily, June 1, 2005

Labour – Industrial accidents
Mine blast in Huating, Gansu leads to 1 dead and 17 injured
甘肃华亭煤矿发生矿难18人被埋 1人死17人受伤, June 1, 2005

Labour - Work Safety and condition
Mines to appoint veterans as Guardian Angels
China Daily, June 1, 2005

Xu Jingxiang cleared charges after jailed for 13 years
Legal Daily, June 1, 2005

Law – Legal reform
Court may refuse endorsement of unlawful ‘red-titled document’, according to the draft revision of Administrative Procedural Law
行政诉讼法修改稿:法院可判决撤销违法红头文件, June 1, 2005

Lawyers urge to abolish “forgery charges against lawyers”
Legal Daily, June 1, 2005

Media – press freedom
Reporters told to take ideology test
SCMP, June 1, 2005

Chinese journalists at risk, says rights group
SCMP, June 1, 2005

Migrant Workers-Children
Children's Day offers young migrants hope, June 1, 2005

Urban, rural children as equals
China Daily, June 1, 2005

Public health
Smoking doctors set poor example
SCMP, June 1, 2005

Public health-HIV-AIDS
Aids activist urges aids organisation not to ‘use’ Aids orphans for fund raising
China Youth Daily, June 1, 2005