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Monday, December 03, 2007

December 1 - 3, 2007


China Faces Challenge in Supporting HIV-Affected Children
Xinhuanet, December 01, 2007

Death Penalty
焚烧怀女婴女友 男子判死 (Jilin Man Sentenced to Death for Burning Girlfriend Expecting Baby Girl)
Ming Pao, December 03, 2007

Food Security
First Food Safety Law Will Punish Lax Officials
South China Morning Post, December 03, 2007

分析人士称北京换市长突显中国政治体制不透明 (Analysts Criticize Lack of Transparency in Beijing Mayor Replacement)
Radio Free Asia, December 01, 2007

Human Rights Defender
简要新闻:流亡异议人士魏泉宝申请回国奔丧被拒 (In Brief: China Bars Dissident-in-Exile from Returning for Mother's Funeral)
Radio Free Asia, December 02, 2007

Human Rights Defender - Lü Gengsong (吕耿松)
杭州异见人士吕耿松案移交检察院 (Case of Hangzhou Dissident Lü Gengsong’s Transferred to Procuratorate)
Radio Free Asia, November 30, 2007

Related Information
HRIC Case Update: Lü Gengsong’s Case Transferred to Procuratorate
Human Rights in China, November 29, 2007

Union Issues Warning on New Labour Law
South China Morning Post, December 03, 2007

周正毅判刑十六年 上海拆迁户抗议量刑过轻 (Shanghai Evictees Protest Zhou Zhengyi's Light Sentence; Zheng Enchong Taken Away for 8 Hours)
Radio Free Asia, November 30, 2007

当局封锁合肥炮兵学院骚乱事件 (Anhui Authorities Block News About Military School Riot)
Radio Free Asia, November 30, 2007

China Raids Blogger's Home, as Political Arrests Double
Radio Free Asia, November 30, 2007

Migrant Workers
云南拖欠农民工工资一亿元 (Back Pay for Yunnan Migrant Workers Reaches 100 Million Yuan)
Radio Free Asia, December 01, 2007

IOC Expects Free Press at Beijing Games
Associated Press (via YahooNews), November 30, 2007

China to Regulate 3 Mln Security Guards
Xinhuanet, December 03, 2007

Public Health
“我希望在这里找个乙肝战友” (Almost 60 Percent of Interviewees Avoid Eating with Hepatitis B Carriers)
China Youth Daily, December 03, 2007

Condoms No Longer Evidence of Prostitution in China
Xinhuanet, November 30, 2007

High-Speed Train to Tibet Carries Troops
Associated Press (via YahooNews), December 01, 2007