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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April 07, 2010

Death Penalty
Japanese Executed, 3 More on Death Row
Shanghai Daily, April 07, 2010

Mainland Dams Accused of Carbon Credit Scams
South China Morning Post, April 07, 2010

Three Detained for Massive Tap Water Pollution in SW China
People's Daily, April 06, 2010

深圳垃圾「煉金」毒害環境 (Burning of Refuse to "Refine Gold" Leads to Serious Environmental Contamination in Shenzhen)
Ming Pao, April 07, 2010

Hong Kong
香港争取普选游行 吁市民积极投票 (Hong Kongers Demonstrate for Universal Suffrage)
Radio Free Asia, April 06, 2010

Human Rights Defenders
孙文广等清明节悼念活动遭阻挠 (Activists' Attempts to Commemorate Qingming Thwarted)
Voice of America, April 05, 2010

周莉庭审半日择日再审 (Trial of Activist Zhou Li Adjourned, to Resume at Later Date)
Radio Free Asia, April 06, 2010

Five Bodies Found after "Miracle" China Mine Rescue
Reuters, April 06, 2010
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China to Launch Nationwide Campaign to Inspect Work Safety
Xinhua News Agency, April 04, 2010
维权才能维稳 (Rights Defense Is Requisite to Maintain Stability)
Outlook, April 07, 2010

China Cyber-spies Target India, Dalai Lama: Report
Reuters, April 06, 2010
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Shadows in the Cloud: An Investigation into Cyber Espionage 2.0
InfoWar Monitor and Shadowserver Foundation, April 06, 2010
Five Punished in Suspect's Death
Shanghai Daily, April 05, 2010

Public Health
“山西疫苗事件”调查结果发布 患儿未种贴签疫苗 (Ministry of Health: Shanxi Children Were Not Sickened by Vaccine)
The Beijing News, April 07, 2010

甘南玛曲藏校千学生抗议开除藏族校长 (Students at Tibetan School in Gannan, Gansu Protest Firing of Tibetan School Administrators)
Radio Free Asia, April 06, 2010