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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Civil Society

In China, Grass-roots Groups Take on H.I.V./AIDS Outreach Work
The New York Times, January 02, 2013

中国民间组织报告监督维护艾滋病人权益工作 维权人士称艾滋病患权益有改善 (Chinese NGO Publishes Report on Gov'ts Work Preventing HIV/AIDS and Protecting Patients' Rights; Activists Say Rights Slowly Improving)
Radio Free Asia, January 02, 2013


重庆规定环境违法企业贷款将受到限制 (Chongqing Regs: Loans of Polluting Companies to Be Restricted)
China Youth Daily, January 03, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

陈光诚侄子陈克贵已被送到临沂监狱 (Chen Kegui, Nephew of Chen Guangcheng, Transferred to Linyi Prison)
Duowei News, January 02, 2013

探訪劉霞之後——紀錄片與社會行動 (Aftermath of Visit to Liu Xia: Documentary and Social Movement)
iSun Affairs, January 02, 2013


宣傳部長刪改《南周》獻辭 (Propaganda Department Edits Southern Weekly's New Years Message, Yanhuang Chunqiu Scolds CPC for Going against Constitution)
Apple Daily, January 03, 2013

A Consensus for Political Reform
China Media Project, January 02, 2013

Reform Realities
Chang Ping, January 01, 2013

Protests and Petitions

Woman Held Over Letter to Wen
Radio Free Asia, January 02, 2013

元旦上千访民被关北京久敬庄 (1K+ Petitioners Held in Beijing's de facto Detention Hub Jiujingzhuang during New Year)
Radio Free Asia, January 01, 2013

China’s New ‘Middle Class’ Environmental Protests
China Dialogue, January 02, 2013


Writer's Death Reports Doubted
Radio Free Asia, January 02, 2013

国际特赦呼吁中国澄清维族作家生死 (Amnesty International Calls for China to Clarify whether Uyghur Writer Remains Living)
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 02, 2013

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