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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


《经济参考报》记者王文志实名举报华润董事长宋林涉嫌巨额贪腐 (Xinhua reporter exposes Chairman of China Resources' alleged massive corruption)
Social Outlook, July 17, 2013

China Resources Power falls after report of deal overpayment
Bloomberg, July 17, 2013

Death Penalty

Tough questions after Chinese court mishandles execution
Wall Street Journal, July 16, 2013


Experts (mostly) back new study on China’s killer coal
The Wall Street Journal, July 17, 2013

Hong Kong

張曉明:普選要確保國家安全和中央權利 (Beijing's point man in HK says China committed to universal suffrage for the city but process must safeguard national security and sovereignty)
Apple Daily, July 16, 2013

Beijing liaison chief hints at screening of CE candidates
South China Morning Post, July 17, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

中国维权法律学者许志永被刑事拘留 (Chinese rights defender and legal scholar Xu Zhiyong criminally detained)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 17, 2013

Xu Zhiyong, advocate of disclosure of official assets, criminally detained
Human Rights in China, July 16, 2013

China moves to try graft activists in coordinated crackdown
Reuters, July 16, 2013

國保阻就醫 胡佳持刀「維權」(Hu Jia defends himself with knife after being blocked by police on his way to hospital)
Ming Pao, July 17, 2013

偷渡回國探親 博訊記者遭遣返 (Boxun reporter in New Zealand repatriated after being smuggled into China to visit family, visa application previously rejected 18 times)
Ming Pao, July 17, 2013

Information Control

人民監督網被封 曾曝雷政富視頻 (Anti-corruption website blocked, founder's social media accounts removed)
Wen Wei Po, July 16, 2013

人民监督网朱瑞峰向BBC确认安全 (Zhu confirms his safety to BBC despite Weibo accounts being blocked)
British Broadcasting Corporation, July 17, 2013

June 4th

民運人士譴責馬雲六四言論 (Democracy activists blast ex-CEO for Tiananmen remarks, threatens boycott of products)
Ming Pao, July 16, 2013

Land, Property, Housing

Land rights campaigners strike at second embassy
South China Morning Post, July 16, 2013

Related Weibo:
屈默, July 17, 2013
[【屈默:“拆”字为何挂在中国驻加拿大使馆门口?】继中国驻美国大使馆遭“拆” 字涂鸦后,中国驻加拿大使馆近日也被挂上写有“拆”字的白板。拆迁是当下中国各 级政府乐此不疲的大事。在各大城市街头,随处可见“拆”字。一个“拆”字,几乎就 是一部老百姓的血泪史。对此,政府需要反思,而不是愤怒。] (After the word "demolish" was spray-painted onto the front entrance of the Chinese Embassy in the U.S., a white board with the same character was affixed to the fence of the Chinese Embassy in Canada. Forced eviction is currently a favorite activity among Chinese authorities at all levels. We can see the word "demolish" everywhere on the streets, amounting to a people's history of tears and blood. The government needs to reflect on this situation rather than get angry.)


中国军方:计划生育危害解放军质量和军纪 (Chinese military: one-child policy affects quality and discipline of PLA)
Radio Free Asia, July 16, 2013


唐慧:不断上访的动力是相信法律 希望遇到清官 (Tang Hui: faith in rule of law sustained my petitioning)
Beijing Morning Post, July 17, 2013

Tang Hui, Chinese mother who beat labor camp system, now plans U.S. trip
Christian Science Monitor, July 16, 2013


清华教授惊人言论被斥无良 (Tsinghua professor angers public by suggesting "raping bar girls is less harmful than raping innocent women")
Beijing Morning Post, July 17, 2013

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黒幇, July 17, 2013
[昨日,身为清华大学高管的@易延友 发表言论力挺一一的律师:"强奸陪酒女比 强奸良家妇女危害性要小",被网友喷成筛子后改口为:"强奸良家妇女比强奸陪 酒女、陪舞女、三陪女、妓女危害性要大"。最基本的人人平等你特么懂么?连清 华人都这素质,国家未来堪忧啊,不多说,围观傻逼!] (Yesterday, Tsinghua University professor Yi Yanyou made the following comments in support of the lawyer of [Li Tianyi]: "raping bar girls brings less harm than raping innocent women. After a wave of criticisms online, he made a different comment: "raping innocent women is more harmful than raping bar girls, disco girls, escorts, and prostitutes." Do you even understand the basic concept of equality? If Tsinghua-educated people are like this, the future of our country is in danger.)


喻中:劳教应被替代,而非简单废止 (Yu Zhong: RTL should be replaced, not just abolished)
Global Times, July 17, 2013

沈阳:微博有些“疲惫”,但未衰落 (Shen Yang: Despite signs of user fatigue, Weibo remains a unique and popular platform for independent expression of diverse opinions)
Global Times, July 17, 2013