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Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 01-02, 2009

Top News of the Day
Chinese Police Accused of Killing Suspect in Search of Confession
Guardian, July 01, 2009

On July 1, the trial of four police officers for involvement in the death of Wan Jianguo (万建国), who died in August 2008 on his 35th day of detention, opened in Nanchang Intermediate People’s Court in Jiangxi Province.

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Police Accused of Killing Detained Man: They Were Ordered to Use Violence
Human Rights in China, July 1, 2009

河南郑州教会遭打压 教友牧师被刑拘劳教 (Pressure from Officials on Henan House Church; Practitioners Detained, Sentenced to Reeducation-Through-Labor)
Radio Free Asia, July 01, 2009

Rural Issues
Legislature Takes Aim at Payout System That Values Villagers Less
South China Morning Post, July 01, 2009

Party Linked to Toppled Building
South China Morning Post, July 02, 2009

Protests and Petitions
黃果樹景區武力清場 逾30村民傷 (Clash with Police Leaves More than 30 Injured after Villagers Block Entrance to Tourist Spot in Protest)
Ming Pao (via, July 02, 2009

湖北公安县民办教师聚集上访 代表被刑拘 (Private Teachers in Hubei Protesting and Petitioning for Equal Treatment Criminally Detained, Petitioning Trips Intercepted)
Radio Free Asia, July 01, 2009

Food Security
Villagers' Drinking Supply Undermined
China Daily, July 02, 2009

文化部:净化文化市场 非法动漫假唱等将严打 (Ministry of Culture: Cracking Down on Illegal Acts to Clean Up and Bring a Cultured Environment to Internet Cafes)
Legal Daily (via China Youth Daily), June 30, 2009

Facebook Twitter勢成監控目標 (Outside Influence from Social Networking Sites Such as Facebook and Twitter Become Target for Monitoring and Control)
Ming Pao (via, July 02, 2009

China Cracks Down on Virtual Cash
BBC News, June 30, 2009

Hu Urges Improved Democracy Within the Communist Party
South China Morning Post, July 01, 2009

State Security
北京将建社会稳定预警机制 防暴力事件群体事件 (Beijing to Form an Early Warning System to Prevent Riots and Mass Events)
China News (via Xinhua News Agency), July 02, 2009

Human Rights Defenders
闽维权人士被传唤 鄂维权志愿兵被刑拘 (Fujianese Activist Wu Huaying Subpoenaed; Hubei Representative for Volunteer PLA Soldiers Detained while Petitioning in Beijing)
Radio Free Asia, July 01, 2009

China's New Corruption Hotline Overloaded
Agence France-Presse (via Yahoo! News), June 30, 2009

Green Dam
China Delays Mandatory 'Green Dam' Installation
China Daily, June 30, 2009

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工信部新闻发言人就绿色上网过滤软件问题答记者问 (Spokesperson from MIIT Answers Questions on Green Internet Filtering Software)
Xinhua News Agency, June 30, 2009

Plug Not Pulled on Software
China Daily, July 02, 2009

Party Celebrates China Web Filter Delay
Reuters (via Yahoo! News), July 01, 2009