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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

台“脱逃”张向忠返陆 自愿还是强制遣返?(Asylum seeker Zhang Xiangzhong returns to China: His decision or Taiwan’s?)
British Broadcasting Corporation, April 19, 2017

江天勇父母再拒录视频劝子认罪 当局警告不准接受采访 (Parents of detained lawyer Jiang Tianyong refuse to make videotape again to coerce son to confess, threatened by authorities not to be interviewed)
Radio Free Asia, April 19, 2017

709家属致川普总统(第四封信)(709 Families’ Fourth Letter to President Trump)
Human Rights in China, March 26, 2017

Five detained following self-immolation in Kardze Town
Radio Free Asia, April 19, 2017

Access to Information (信息公开)

Apple faces inquiry in China over app store content
New York Times, April 20, 2017

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

“阳光信访”一句空话? 四川800民师省教育厅上访遭暴力清场 (800 teachers protest in front of Department of Education in Sichuan, cleared out by violence)
Radio Free Asia, April 19, 2017

Government Accountability (政府问责)

大佬海外"爆料"中共内幕 今遭全球缉拿 (Chinese tycoon wanted by Interpol after exposing graft scandal inside central gov’t)
Deutsche Welle, April 19, 2017大佬海外爆料中共内幕-今遭全球缉拿/a-38481139

China seeks arrest of billionaire who accused officials’ relatives of graft
New York Times, April 19, 2017

国际刑警组织解释“红色通报”的功用 (Interpol explains function of a “red warning”)
Radio France Internationale, April 19, 2017中国/20170419-国际刑警组织解释“红色通报”的功用

First the “guns”, then the “knives” ... now Xi goes after the “money bags” in China’s financial industry
South China Morning Post, April 19, 2017

中共要求党员干部如实报告个人事项 (Central gov’t requires officials to declare personal information truthfully)
Radio Free Asia, April 19, 2017

China gets tougher with officials' personal information declaration
Xinhua, April 20, 2017

中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅印发《领导干部报告个人有关事项规定》和《领导干部个人有关事项报告查核结果处理办法》(General Office of CPC and General Office of the State Council of PRC publish “Regulation regarding declaration of personal information by leading cadres” and “Handling method of examination of leading cadres’ declaration of personal information”)
Xinhua, April 19, 2017

反腐打贪今年力度大 11省级官员遭判刑 (Greater anti-graft effort in China this year: 11 provincial level officials sentenced)
Radio France Internationale, April 19, 2017中国/20170419-反腐打贪今年力度大-11省级官员遭判刑