The HRIC Daily Brief is a daily selection of news stories and commentary related to human rights in China, drawn from Chinese- and English-language news and online media sources that we monitor daily. In addition to headlines and source links, HRIC also provides English translation of Chinese headlines.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Access to Justice (司法公正)

China police confirm detention of human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong
The Guardian, December 16, 2016

律师江天勇"认罪" 家属指疑点重重 (Lawyer Jiang Tianyong “confesses” but family remains doubtful)
Deutsche Welle, December 17, 2016

Statement concerning the disappearance of lawyer Jiang Tianyong for over six days
Human Rights in China, November 27, 2016

Activists hold photo campaign to demand release of Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo
Hong Kong Free Press, December 19, 2016

Access to Information (信息公开)

The fate of press freedom in China’s era of “Reform and Opening up”: An interview with Chang Ping
China Change, December 15, 2016

How China’s highly censored WeChat and Weibo fight fake news ... and other controversial content
South China Morning Post, December 16, 2016

All the news unfit to print: What Beijing quashed in 2016
Foreign Policy, December 16, 2016

Facing a transition of power, China’s Xi Jinping is more desperate than ever to control young minds
Quartz, December 19, 2016

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

Interview: “We called on Trump for justice in Wukan”
Radio Free Asia, December 16, 2016

“女权五姐妹” 郑楚然致函特朗普 倡停止性别歧视 (Zheng Churan, of “Feminist Five,” writes to Trump to advocate to end sex discrimination)
Radio Free Asia, December 16, 2016

Government Accountability (政府问责)

China jails brother of former aide to Hu Jintao for graft
South China Morning Post, December 16, 2016

Another Chinese propaganda video ties mainland rights defense activism, protests in Hong Kong, and the Syrian war into one anti-U.S. narrative
China Change, December 18, 2016

National Security & Counterterrorism (国家安全和反恐)

New Xinjiang party boss boosts surveillance, police patrols
Radio Free Asia, December 12, 2016

Hong Kong (香港)

香港活动人士蔡耀昌被禁廿载终于获准去广州 (Hong Kong activist Richard Tsoi, forbidden from entering mainland for 20 years, finally allowed to go to Guangzhou)
British Broadcasting Corporation, December 18, 2016

China’s top man in Hong Kong travels to Beijing as rumors swirl that he may be removed
Hong Kong Free Press, December 16, 2016