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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

Bilateral Ties
China Warns Germany against Taking Uighur Gitmo Detainees
The Local, September 15, 2009

中國政府開展國際合作追捕外逃貪官 (China Reaches Out for International Cooperation in Pursuing Officials on the Run)
China News Service, September 16, 2009

Police Confrontation Draws Online Attention to Gay Rights in China
Irish Times, September 16, 2009

河南农村探索实践"4+2"工作法:用程序保证民主决策 (Henan Village Looks into the "4+2" Work Method to Guarantee Democratic Policy Decision)
People's Daily, September 16, 2009

Green Dam
Chinese Schools Quietly Discard Controversial Web Filter
Reuters, September 15, 2009

河南派20個煤礦督查組赴各地展開工作 (20 Mine Inspectors Dispatched Investigate Henan's Coal Mines)
Henan Commercial News, September 16, 2009

Chinese City Aims for Media Openness: State Press
Agence France-Presse, September 16, 2009
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《深圳市人民政府新闻办发布工作办法》新闻发布会 (Press Conference Concerning and Full Text of the Measures on the Announcement of Information by the Information Office of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government)
Shenzhen Government Online, September 15, 2009
China to Unveil New Climate Plans at U.N. Summit
Reuters, September 16, 2009

Protests and Petitions
China's Citizen Petitioners Find Cold Reception in Beijing
Christian Science Monitor, September 15, 2009

Rural Issues
當年人吃人 今日人欺人 (Back Then It Was "Dog Eats Dog," Now It's "Dog Cheats Dog")
Ming Pao, September 16, 2009

State Security
京全民皆兵 80萬安保志願者維穩 (All Alert in Beijing; 800K "Security Volunteers" Help to Maintain Stability)
Ming Pao, September 16, 2009

台湾将以务实方式推进参与联合国机构 (Foreign Minister: Taiwan to Promote Participation in UN Agencies in Practical Ways)
Radio Free Asia, September 15, 2009

Three Gorges
China Begins Raising Three Gorges Reservoir Level to 17
Xinhua News Agency, September 15, 2009

中国反对任何国家领袖会见达赖喇嘛 (China Opposes Meetings of Any World Leaders with the Dalai Lama)
Radio France Internationale, September 15, 2009
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West Appeasing China on Tibet, Says PM-in-exile
Agence France-Presse, September 15, 2009
联合国人权官员呼吁中国检讨西藏新疆政策 (UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Urges China to Review Its Tibet and XUAR Policy)
Voice of America, September 15, 2009

China Says 75 Suspects Held over Far-west Needle Scare
Reuters, September 15, 2009

Chinese Ban Transport of Explosives in Urumqi
Associated Press, September 15, 2009

新疆针扎案“目的制造民族仇恨” (XUAR Syringe Attacks "Aimed at Creating Ethnic Tension")
British Broadcasting Corporation, September 16, 2009