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Monday, December 14, 2020

Taiwan (台湾)

Pro-China TV Station Goes Off Air in Taiwan After Losing Broadcast License
The Diplomat, December 14, 2020

Taiwan ‘in talks’ ahead of application to join trans-Pacific trade pact
Reuters, December 14, 2020

Tibet (西藏)

‘The worst form of torture I experienced’: China’s war against Tibetan Buddhism
Independent, December 13, 2020

Access to Justice (司法公正)

著名人权律师唐吉田2020年12月9日遭警方带走 现音信全无 (Well-known rights lawyer Tang Jitian taken by police on Dec. 9, whereabouts unknown)
Weiquanwang, December 10, 2020

专栏 | 西藏纵览:多名藏族维权人士被捕下落不明 (Tibet: Many rights activists detained, whereabouts unknown)
Radio Free Asia, December 11, 2020

EU urges China to give detained Bloomberg staffer access to a lawyer
Bloomberg, December 13, 2020

彭博中國女記者北京被拘留 歐盟促中國准聯繫律師及家人並給予醫療照顧 (EU urges China to contact lawyers, family members of detained Bloomberg journalist and provide medical attention)
Stand News, December 13, 2020

Access to Information (公众知情权)

记者无疆界:2020年全球拘押记者387人 中国蝉联榜首 (Reporters Without Borders: 387 journalists detained worldwide in 2020; China tops the list of jailers)
Radio France Internationale, December 14, 2020

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Secretive deal allowing Chinese officials to enter Switzerland to interrogate Chinese nationals put dissidents at risk, NGO says
Agence France-Presse, December 14, 2020

China’s Combative Nationalists See a World Turning Their Way
The New York Times, December 14, 2020

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

Soccer Star Griezmann Breaks with Huawei Over “Anti-Uyghur” Technology
Bitter Winter, December 13, 2020

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong democracy campaigner Jimmy Lai denied bail
The Guardian, December 12, 2020

黎智英下周三向高院申請保釋 (Jimmy Lai to apply for bail next Wednesday at High Court)
Ming Pao, December 14, 2020

黎智英被加控勾结外国罪 国安法实施后首宗检控可送中审 (Jimmy Lai charged with collusion with foreign country in first such case under National Security Law; may be transferred to mainland)
Voice of America, December 13, 2020

蓬佩奧要求釋放黎智英 律政司不點名批評:不尊重司法、企圖干預中國內政 (U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo urges release of Jimmy Lai; Secretary for Justice calls it an attempt to interfere in China's internal affairs, flouting justice)
Stand News, December 12, 2020

港區國安法|藍韜文籲香港當局停止針對黎智英 (UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab urges Hong Kong authorities to stop targeting Jimmy Lai)
Ming Pao, December 14, 2020

Hong Kong independence activist Andy Chan acquitted of assaulting police, says case is proof of ‘indiscriminate arrests’
Hong Kong Free Press, December 14, 2020

警呈陳浩天15張不同角度相 官︰犯案人戴口罩無特徵、難證同一人判陳兩罪不成立 (Andy Chan To-tin acquitted of two charges; judge: identity of masked offender in 15 photos presented by police cannot be determined)
HKCnews, December 12, 2020

12港人家属再收家书要求请律师代认在港控罪 律师质疑中方套料 (Letters from 12 Hong Kongers detained in China ask families to hire lawyers to handle confession; lawyer fears ploy by Chinese authorities)
Voice of America, December 13, 2020

朱凱廸稱部分官派律師聯絡12港人家屬講解案情 (Eddie Chu: Several appointed lawyers for the Hong Kong 12 contacted families members to discuss cases)
RTHK, December 14, 2020

港府将推公务员签效忠声明 据报道拒签可能被要求离职 (Hong Kong gov’t to push for allegiance statements from civil servants; refusal may lead to removal, according to sources)
Voice of America, December 14, 2020

Hong Kong student activist Tony Chung found guilty of desecrating flag, taking part in unlawful protest
South China Morning Post, December 11, 2020

Commentary (评 论)

香港通识教育“异化病”必须根治(香江观察)(Hong Kong’s General Studies suffers from psychological "alienation," must be cured)
People’s Daily, December 14, 2020

Why Jimmy Lai and Hong Kong’s democracy advocates need Biden’s public support right now
Washington Post, December 13, 2020

肥佬黎「勾結」了誰?(With whom did Jimmy Lai “collude”?)
Inmediahk, December 13, 2020

離開香港的路,也許早已注定 (My departure from Hong Kong had perhaps been preordained)
Stand News, December 14, 2020

專訪|卸大律師公會主席 戴啟思:遺憾無法訪京 未定再戰立會否 (Philip Dykes, HKBA chair, in interview: Regret not being able to visit Beijing, unsure about standing for LegCo election next year)
HK01, December 14, 2020