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Monday, January 14, 2013

Bilateral Ties

Yunnan Prepares to Receive Possible Kachin Refugees
Global Times, January 14, 2013


中国严重空气污染情况恐将持续 (Grave Pollution in China to Continue)
British Broadcasting Corporation, January 14, 2013

多数人对北京空气质量认知过于乐观 (CASS Report: Majority of People Overly Optimistic about Beijing's Air Quality)
Legal Daily, January 14, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

Recently Denied State Compensation, Tang Hui Still Demands an Investigation into Two Police Officers She Claims Raped her Daughter in 2006
Locustland, January 14, 2013


李承鹏签售新书遭掌掴 (Writer Li Chengpeng Attacked at a Book Signing)
Southern Metropolis Daily, January 14, 2013  

China's Silent Book Signing Raises Voices
Global Voices, January 14, 2013

廣州30農民撐南周被捕 (30+ Farmers Detained after Supporting Southern Weekly)
Ming Pao, January 13, 2013

Southern Weekly Incident: The Rise of Civil Disobedience in China
HRIC Commentary, January 11, 2013

Protests and Petitions

富士康江西工厂千名员工因不满薪资待遇上街游行 (1K Workers Take to Streets over Wages at Jiangxi Foxconn Factory)
Caijing, January 13, 2013


Young Tibetan Dies in Year's First Fiery Act
Agence France-Presse, January 14, 2013