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Friday, August 07, 2009

August 7, 2009

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender – Guo Quan (郭泉)
Founder of Chinese Political Group to Be Tried
Associated Press (via Google News), August 06, 2009

Nanjing democracy activist Guo Quan (郭泉) will plead guilty at his trial today in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Guo, who is charged with "subversion of state power," is the founder of the China New Democracy Party; he lost his job as an associate professor at Nanjing Normal University after founding the party.
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郭泉的律师郭莲辉突然被警方传唤 (Guo Quan's Attorney Subpoenaed by Police)
Radio Free Asia, August 06, 2009
Bilateral Ties
Hack Attack on Arts Site
The Age, August 07, 2009

Civil Society
China Snares NGOs with Foreign Funding
Chinese Science Monitor, August 04, 2009

Fresh Thoughts
South China Morning Post, August 06, 2009

June Fourth
十位六四遭打压贵州人士起诉 当局拒绝并传唤相关者 (Authorities Refuse to File Lawsuit of Ten Guizhou Activists who Came under Official Pressure during June Fourth Anniversary)
Radio Free Asia, August 06, 2009

Land Policy
上海塌樓 20業主強阻拆遷 (20 Homeowners Block Demolition of Minhang, Shanghai Apartment Building)
Singtao Daily (via, August 07, 2009

司法部:做好律师代理敏感案件和群体性事件指导 (Ministry of Justice: We Should Guide Lawyers Representing Sensitive Cases and Mass Incidents)
Xinhua News Agency, August 06, 2009

Warning over Twitter, YouTube 'Subversion'
South China Morning Post, August 07, 2009
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网络颠覆:不容小觑的安全威胁 (Internet Subversion: A Threat to Security Not to Be Underestimated)
China's National Defence (via China News Service), August 06, 2009
Protests and Petitions
China Tells Officials to Keep Unhappy Citizens at Home
Reuters, August 06, 2009
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Official Urges Careful Handling of Public Complaints
Xinhua News Agency (via China Radio International), August 06, 2009

把解决问题放在首位实现信访形势明显好转 (Put Resolving the Problem at the Forefront to Improve the Petitioning Situation)
Legal Daily, August 07, 2009
"领导干部培训班"代表谈落实涉法涉诉信访工作中央新政 (Representative from the "Leading Cadre Training Group" Speaks on Implementing New Policy on Petitioning Work )
Legal Daily, August 07, 2009

吉林居民房屋遭强拆 上访遭殴打及拘留 (Jilin Petitioners Whose Homes Were Demolished Beaten Up and Detained)
Radio Free Asia, August 06, 2009

State Security
State of Secrecy
South China Morning Post, August 06, 2009

达赖重申追求真正自治从未寻求独立 (In Geneva, Dalai Lama Reaffirms Desire for True Autonomy in Tibet)
Radio Free Asia, August 06, 2009

Uighur Unrest Shows China's Failures: Dalai Lama
Reuters, August 06, 2009