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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

August 8, 2006

Death Penalty
Video of Executed Taiwan Spy Shown as a Warning
Reuters (via SCMP), August 08, 2006

Mainland Needs to Face Landslide Threat: Geologist
SCMP, August 08, 2006

四成脱硫设施为何成摆设 (Why Is 40 Percent of Desulphurization Equipment Not Functioning?)
China Youth Daily, August 08, 2006

China Plans to Shut Projects that Pollute Oil-Rich Bohai Sea
Bloomberg, August 07, 2006

Food Security
中国耕地减少 将冲击粮食市场? (Will Reduction of Farmland in China Destabilize Global Food Market?)
Voice of America, August 06, 2006

湖南规定人大代表候选人女性要占30%以上 (New Regulation in Hunan Stipulates that at Least 30% of Candidates for Provincial People’s Congress Must Be Women)
Xinhuanet, August 05, 2006

Human Rights
学者﹕应依法对待维权 (Academic: Authorities Should Handle Rights Defense Movement In Accordance with Law)
Ming Pao, August 08, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Xinjiang - Huseyincan Celil (塞利尔)
中国保证不判塞利尔死刑 家人疑可信性 (China Promises Not to Sentence Huseyincan Celil to Death; Family Skeptical)
Radio Free Asia, August 07, 2006

Human Rights Defender – Lawyer - Gao Zhisheng (高智晟)
逾两百人联署抗议高智晟遭暴力袭击 (Over 200 Join Signature Protest Against Attack on Gao Zhisheng)
Radio Free Asia, August 07, 2006

English-language Schools in China - the New Sweatshops
Today Online, August 08, 2006

滬最低工资提至750 全国最高 (Minimum Wage Raised to 750 Yuan Per Month in Shanghai, Highest in Nation)
Wen Wei Po, August 08, 2006

石油工人维权胜利获赔 (Rights Defense Movement Wins Victory as Oil Workers Get Redundancy Pay)
Ming Pao, August 08, 2006

More Trade Unions Set up in Wal-Mart Outlets in China
China Daily, August 07, 2006

中国健康最透支:信息技术人员 (Survey: Information Technology Jobs Most Debilitating to Health)
Voice of America, August 06, 2006

China Revises Law to Reduce Energy Costs
Xinhuanet, August 06, 2006

Beijing Urged to Ease Press Curbs
Financial Times, August 08, 2006

欣弗事件暴露政府信息公开的惯性与惰性 (Defective Antibiotics Expose Government's Inertia in Releasing Information)
Nanfang Daily, August 08, 2006

广州市卫生局长回应限访令” (Guangzhou Health Authorities Explain That Policy Requiring Approval for Media Interviews Only Applies to Large-scale Incidents)
Legal Daily, August 08, 2006

一旦遇到较真,权力也很讲理” (Guangzhou Health Authorities “Reasonable” in Answering Questions on Notice Restricting Media Interviews)
Nanfang Daily, August 08, 2006

Chinese Go Further, Faster and Higher with Media Crackdowns Two Years Before Beijing Olympics
Reporters Without Borders (RSF), August 07, 2006

Ease Limits on Foreign Press, Club Says
SCMP, August 08, 2006

Hopes for Change Hung on '08 Olympics
The Christian Science Monitor, August 07, 2006

Beijing Getting Closer to Olympic Standard as Host
Xinhuanet, August 06, 2006

Beijing Must Do More to Secure "Green Olympics"
Reuters (via New York Times), August 06, 2006

中共十六届六中全会前瞻 (Predicting Emphasis for Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee)
Nanfang Weekend, August 08, 2006

Abortions up in China as Taboos Weaken
The Japan Times, August 08, 2006

Protests and Petitions
中国评论﹕成果共享 方有和谐 (Commentary on Protests in Sichuan: Harmony Will Only Be Possible When Fruits of Economic Development Are Shared)
Mingpao, August 08, 2006

湖北百的士市政府请愿 (Nearly 100 Taxi Drivers Petition at Suizhou Government Building, Hubei Province)
Ming Pao, August 08, 2006

湖南湘阴移民早排斥酿暴力冲突 (Locals and New Immigrants Clash in Xiangyin, Hunan Province)
Radio Free Asia, August 07, 2006

Public Health
安徽药监部门畅通信息发布渠道 (Anhui’s Food and Drug Administration Working to Find Answer to Defective Antibiotic Case)
China Youth Daily, August 08, 2006

Shaanxi Woman Believed to Be the Fourth Victim of Deadly Antibiotic
SCMP, August 08, 2006

Thousands Quarantined in China School TB Scare
Reuters, August 07, 2006

北京佛教居士雷大勇因印刷公益佛经被判刑四年 (Buddhist Practitioner Sentenced to Four Years' Imprisonment for Publishing Free Sutras)
Radio Free Asia, August 07, 2006

Rural Issues
Painting the Peasants into the Portrait of China’s Economic Boom
New York Times, August 07, 2006