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Friday, December 03, 2004

December 3, 2004



40,000 CCP cadres sent to villages to revive local confidence to the Party
Nanfang Daily, December 3, 2004

June 4th
Rights deal ruled out to end EU ban on arms sales
SCMP, December 3, 2004

Labour – work safety and conditions
Small coal mines will have to join syndicates
SCMP, December 3, 2004

DNA database helps to identify criminal suspects effectively
Nanfang Weekend, December 2, 2004

Media – press freedom
專替記者出頭 捍衛新聞自由的中國律師
Apple Daily (Page A26), December 2, 2004

Migrant workers – migrant children
Second generation of migrant workers
Nanfang Weekend, December 2, 2004

Politics – political parties
China Democratic Party headquarter in exile setup
中国民主党海外流亡总部成立, December 3, 2004

Rights group urges EU to pressure for China’s release of jailed reporter
Voice of America, December 2, 2004

Protests and petitions
Petitioners' woes to be handled at local level
SCMP, December 3, 2004

Public health
Medical expenses increase dramatically, December 2, 2004

Public health – HIV aids
HIV patients develop resistance to free drugs
SCMP, December 3, 2004

Health officials charged for administrative negligence as 11 infected HIV aids through blood donation
非法输血11人感染艾滋病 渎职官员首次被起诉
Nanfang City News, December 3, 2004

Struggle to live and go to school
Nanfang Weekend, December 2, 2004

Other – North Korea
15 North Korean refugees allowed to leave China
Radio Free Asia, December 3, 2004

Other – Tibet
Dalai Lama urges China not to execute Tibetan monk
达赖呼吁不要处决西藏僧人丹增德勒仁波切, December 3, 2004

China May Execute Tibetan Monk
Voice of America, December 2, 2004