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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

March 27, 2007

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defenders

泛蓝成员蔡爱民被判劳教一年 (Pan Blue Alliance Member Sentenced to Re-education Through Labor)
Radio Free Asia, March 26, 2007

Pan Blue Alliance member Cai Aimin (蔡爱民) has reportedly been sentenced to 1 year in a re-education through labor camp by local authorities after being taken away by police on March 25, 2007. According to Cai's wife, Cai was given the sentence for 'organizing illegal gatherings'. Cai has been an active rights defender and has petitioned in Beijing many times.

Bilateral Ties
Hu's Trip to Russia: Without Love, But …
Asia Times Online, March 27, 2007

Civil Society
维权人士李喜阁被阻出席北京的艾滋病会议 (AIDS Activist Barred from Attending Beijing AIDS Conference)
Radio Free Asia, March 26, 2007

Chinese Auditors Reveal Rampant Corruption in Highway Construction
People's Daily, March 27, 2007

中国近二成国土沙化 近4亿人生产生活受影响 (400 Million People's Livelihood Affected As Nearly 20% of Chinese Land Is Desertified)
Legal Daily, March 27, 2007

同志聚北京庆祝 联合国公布反歧视同性恋文件 (Homosexuals Applaud Yogyakarta Principles Adopted at UN Human Rights Council)
Ming Pao, March 27, 2007

Survey Reveals Concern over Cadres' Largesse
South China Morning Post, March 27, 2007

京危害公共安全罚款或提至10万 (Beijing to Increase Maximum Fine for Endangering Public Security Crimes)
Wen Wei Po, March 27, 2007

最高检发布刑事赔偿新标准:每日赔偿金83.66元 (Supreme People's Procurorate Issues New Compensation Benchmark for Criminal Cases)
Legal Daily, March 27, 2007

谴责六四镇压被禁入境 名记者陆铿获准回国 (Veteran Journalist Lu Keng Allowed to Return After Being Blacklisted for Criticizing Beijing's Heavy-handed Approach on June 4th)
Radio Free Asia, March 26, 2007

陆空保安 不容有失 (Beijing Beefing Up Security Efforts for Olympics)
Ming Pao, March 27, 2007

Beijing's Pollution Problems Not Unique, Says IOC Chief
Reuters, March 27, 2007

中共十七大前人事大洗牌 (Top Leadership Reshuffle Likely Before the 17th CPC Central Committee)
Radio Free Asia, March 26, 2007

Protests and Petitions
In China, Fight over Development Creates a Star
New York Times, March 26, 2007

Public Health
Praise for Beijing
The Standard, March 27, 2007

China Announces Investment Drive in Tibet
Reuters (via YahooNews), March 27, 2007