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Thursday, May 09, 2013


呼吁财产公开者被批捕 外界将行动促当局放人 (Beijing Authorities Formally Charge Anti-Corruption Activists for 'Illegal Assembly')
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2013


环保部:“土壤污染数据属秘密”答复合法 (Ministry of Environmental Protection Defends Classifying Soil Pollution Data as State Secrets)
The Beijing News, May 09, 2013

Human Rights Defenders

朱虞夫“保外就医”申请被拒妻遭威胁 刘本琦案到法院决定自辩 (Authorities Deny Activist Zhu Yufu Medical Parole and Threaten His Wife, Hubei Activist Liu Benqi to Defend Himself in Court Against 'Subversion' Charges)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2013

Brother of Blind Chinese Activist Says He Was Beaten
Voice of America, May 09, 2013

Information Control

China's State Media Hits Out at Big Tweeters
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2013

International Relations (Human Rights, Security, Trade and Investment)

Dutch Government to Probe Export of Milk Formula to China
British Broadcasting Corporation, May 08, 2013

China Dips a Toe Into Middle East Peace
The New York Times, May 08, 2013


Chinese Director Zhang Yimou Investigated 'For Breaching One-Child Policy'
The Daily Telegraph, May 09, 2013

Protests and Petitions

北京警方处理安徽打工女孩死亡事件引发抗议 (Beijingers Protest Police Handling of Migrant Worker’s Suspicious Death)
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2013

Beijing Police Smother Area after Hundreds Protest Migrant Worker’s Death
The Washington Post, May 09, 2013

Chinese Petition Obama on Invasion, Poisoning and Tofu
Financial Times, May 09, 2013

Chinese Netizens' White House Petition Draws Beijing Response
Radio Free Asia, May 08, 2013

浙江东阳村民举报村支书贪污被鉴定为精神病 (Zhejiang Local Police to Compensate Petitioner Subjected to Forced Treatment in Mental Hospital)
Caijing Magazine, May 08, 2013


人民网评:取消信访排名,变截访为接访 (Authorities Should Abolish Stats on “Abnormal Petitioners” and Accept All without Conditions)
People's Daily, May 09, 2013

China May Not Overtake America This Century After All
The Daily Telegraph, May 09, 2013

China's Citizens Must Act to Save Their Environment
Nature, May 09, 2013