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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

China's Reach (中国:内控与外扩)

China Covid pass system allegedly used to block protest, sparking furious condemnation online
Agence France-Presse, June 15, 2022

中國「雙減政策」打擊補教業:昔日產業龍頭「新東方」轉型改做「中英語直播帶貨」(China's "double reduction policy" hits supplementary education industry: Former industry leader "New Oriental" has morphed into "E-commerce livestreaming in Chinese and English")
The News Lens, June 14, 2022

New Hong Kong textbooks ‘will claim city never was a British colony’
Agence France-Presse, June 15, 2022

习近平表彰《大公报》维稳有功 香港中小学自订红线下架书刊 (Xi Jinping commends "Ta Kung Pao" for contribution to maintaining stability; Hong Kong's primary, secondary schools remove books and periodicals under self-imposed red line)
Radio Free Asia, June 13, 2022

香港129名公务员拒效忠特区未获聘用 (129 civil servants in Hong Kong refusing allegiance to the SAR will not be hired)
Radio France Internationale, June 15, 2022

Human Rights Defenders & Civil Society (人权捍卫者与公民社会)

Veteran Chinese human rights lawyers expected to face trial soon
South China Morning Post, June 15, 2022

著名人权捍卫者许志永案庭前会议将于2022年6月17日召开 (Pre-trial hearing of well-known human rights defender Xu Zhiyong's case to be held on June 17)
Weiquanwang, June 14, 2022

China Digital Times, June 14, 2022

Fewer Hongkongers trust public broadcaster RTHK as press freedom fears ‘become reality’ – survey
Hong Kong Free Press, June 15, 2022

梁凌杰逝世三週年 市民獻花被警要求拿走 拒絕後罰款千五 (On 3rd anniversary of Leung Ling-kit's death, police ask residents to remove flowers, slap 1,500 HKD fine on those who refuse), June 15, 2022

Law & Policy (法律与政策)

China’s internet watchdog tightens mobile app rules for national security, requires promotion of ‘core socialist values’
South China Morning Post, June 15, 2022

新修订《移动互联网应用程序信息服务管理规定》强化服务提供者主体责任 (Newly-revised "Regulations on the Administration of Mobile Internet Application Information Services" expand service providers’ responsibility)
People, June 14, 2022

移动互联网应用程序信息服务管理规定 (Regulations on the Administration of Mobile Internet Application Information Services)
Central People's Government of China, June 14, 2022

律所1元报价投标警方法律服务采购 广州律协介入调查 (Law firm to bid 1 yuan for police legal service procurement; Guangzhou Lawyers Association joins in investigation)
Caixin, June 14, 2022

Current Topics (热门话题)

‘Zero covid’ has many in China dreaming of leaving
The Washington Post, June 15, 2022

Brutal Beating of Women in China Highlights Risk of Saying ‘No’
The New York Times, June 15, 2022

Xi tells Putin China will keep backing Russia on 'sovereignty, security'
Agence France-Presse, June 15, 2022

Commentary & Analysis (评论与分析)

Exclusive interview: Hong Kong’s first chief justice Andrew Li on whether all judges in city should be Chinese nationals ahead of 2047
South China Morning Post, June 15, 2022