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Monday, February 20, 2006

February 18-20, 2006

Top News of the Day

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom
《冰点》主编副主编发表声明抗议免职 (Editors of the Banned News Supplement Freezing Point (Bing Dian) Issue Open Statement to Protest Their Dismissal)
Radio Free Asia, February 17, 2006

Two top editors of the banned news supplement Freezing Point (Bing Dian) have issued an open statement regarding their dismissal. They claim that they were dismissed as punishment for openly defying the authorities, holding interviews with overseas press, mourning the death of dissident journalist Liu Binyan, and networking with domestic pro-democracy activists.


抗污染被恐吓报复 湖南村民揭采矿黑幕 (Villagers Threatened After Reporting Pollution by Coal Mining Company)
Radio Free Asia, February 17, 2006

Dealth Penalty
"河北打黑第一案主犯被判死刑 (Main Culprit in Hebei’s the "First Anti-Corruption Case" Sentenced to Death)
The Beijing News, February 20, 2006

国家发改委曝光八所学校乱收费总计 (Eight Schools Named and Blamed by State Council for Overcharging School Fees), February 20, 2006

Environment - Water
陕西碱性水泄漏责任人被免职 (Senior Official of Shaanxi Chemical Factory Sacked for Being Responsible for Wastewater Leak)
The Beijing News, February 20, 2006

Water Supplies to 20,000 Chinese Suspended
AFP (via YahooNews), February 20, 2006

Gender - Sex Workers
中国卖淫合法化有利社会稳定(Can Legalized Prostitution in China Help Stabilize Society?), February 19, 2006

Government – Governance and Accountability
47000余人去年受政纪处分 (About 47,000 Government Officials Punished for Violating Laws and Regulations)
The Beijing News, February 20, 2006

Human Rights Defenders
中国维权人士作法各异殊途同归 (China's Human Rights Defenders Use Different Tactics but All Share the Same Vision)
Voice of America, February 19, 2006

广西维权律师杨在新被传讯24小时后被释放 (Guangxi Lawyer Yang Zaixin Released After Being Detained for 24 Hours)
Radio Free Asia, February 19, 2006

Human Rights Defenders - Guo Feixiong
个组织及个人声援维权绝食接力 (72 Organizations and Individuals Join Hunger Strike in Support of Rights Lawyer Guo Feixiong)
Radio Free Asia, February 17, 2006

June 4th - EU Arms Ban
EU Shoots for China's Arms Business
Asia Times Online, February 20, 2006

China Faces Uphill Task on Job Creation This Year
China Daily, February 20, 2006

Law - RTL Reform
实行近五十年法律依据不充分? 劳教制度遭质疑 (The Legality of China’s Reeducation-Through-Labor System Questioned)
Xinhuanet, February 20, 2006

Law - Criminal Law and Procedure
湖南湘乡农民王威发的冤案 (Wrongly Convicted Hunan Farmer Finally Receives Justice After 30 Years)
Voice of America, February 19, 2006

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom
《深青中国社区》重开 编辑方针大变 (Liberal Online Forum Reopens, but with New Editorial Direction)
Radio Free Asia, February 18, 2006

Media - Censorship / Press Freedom – Bing Dian
《冰點》主編李大同﹕中宣部惹了大麻煩 (Chief Editor of Freezing Point (Bing Dian): CPC Propaganda Dept. Is in Trouble)
Ming Pao, February 20, 2006

冰点复刊不乐观新闻改革可乐观 (Dim Hopes for the Re-launch of Freezing Point (Bing Dian), but Greater Prospects for Media Reform), February 20, 2006

袁伟时欢迎冰点复刊希能回应批评 (Yuan Weishi Welcomes the Re-launch of Bing Dian and Prepares Feedback on Criticisms over His Essay)
Voice of America, February 17, 2006

Free Speech a Basic Right, Liberals Tell Hu
SCMP, February 18, 2006

Media - Internet Censorship
华邮:人民用滑鼠一点突破中国当局网路封锁 (One Click of the Mouse Could Break China's Grip on the Internet), February 20, 2006

Protests and Petitions
Senior Official Highlights Importance of Petition Handling
Xinhuanet, February 20, 2006

Public Health
Funding for Health Care Dire, Says Minister
SCMP, February 20, 2006

六大问题造成看病难看病贵 (Six Causes for Poor Medical Care and High Fees)
The Beijing News, February 20, 2006

Public Health - HIV-AIDS/STDs
北京艾滋病毒感染者人数增35% (Beijing AIDS Patients Increase by 35%)
Voice of America, February 19, 2006

听众:中国新艾滋病条例有效力? (Public Opinions on the Effectiveness of New AIDS Regulation in Curbing Discrimination)
Radio Free Asia, February 17, 2006

Social Security / Poverty
Greying Parents Left to Beg as Children Cut Ties
SCMP, February 20, 2006

中国准备为农民工建立个人养老保险帐户 (Government Considers Setting up Retirement Insurance Accounts for Rural Workers)
Radio Free Asia, February 18, 2006

听众对西藏问题的看法 (Public Opinions on Tibet Issue)
Voice of America, February 20, 2006