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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008

Top News of the Day

二十多名上海访民在圣火传递期间被软禁 一人被打 (Over 20 Shanghai Petitioners Put Under House Arrest During Torch Relay with One Beaten)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2008
More than 20 Shanghai petitioners were put under house arrest and another petitioner beaten when the Olympic torch relay took place there on May 23-24. The 20 or so petitioners were detained because they refused to sign agreements promising not to protest during the torch relay. These petitioners include Chen Meifeng (陈美凤), Cai Wenjun (蔡文君), Tan Lanying (谭兰英), and Shen Yongmei (沈咏梅). On May 23, petitioner Shen Peilan (沈佩兰) was beaten by four anonymous men when she attempted to go out for a walk.


四川严打趁灾违法犯罪活动 5类行为依法从重从快惩处 (Five Types of Quake-Related Crimes to be Punished with Harsh and Expedited Sentences in Sichuan)
Legal Daily, May 27, 2008

Pledge to Act on Shoddy Schools
South China Morning Post, May 27, 2008

Threat of a Backlash Rises over Collapsed Schools
Wall Street Journal, May 27, 2008

1-Child Policy Has Exceptions after China Quake
Associated Press (available at YahooNews), May 26, 2008

China Communists Praise Own, NGOs Fast Quake Relief
Reuters, May 26, 2008

国家地震局四月曾举办震情资讯保密培训 (China Earthquake Administration Trained Officials to Keep Earthquake Information Secret in April)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2008

China Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 65,080
Xinhuanet, May 26, 2008

China Tries to Shift Focus away from School Collapses
Reuters, May 26, 2008

Chinese Official, on His Knees, Begs Parents of Children Killed in Quake Not to Protest
Associated Press (via International Herald Tribune), May 26, 2008

网民指责当局从不公布救灾款及物资的发放情况 (Internet Users Criticize Authorities for Lack of Transparency in the Use of Quake Donations and Relief Materials)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2008

四川地震遇难学生家长再次发起示威请愿活动 (Parents of Dead Students of Sichuan Earthquake Again Protest for Investigation of Collapsed Schools)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2008

China's Rubbish Mountain Is Lure to Investors
The Times, May 27, 2008

Human Rights
U.S., China Plan to Resume Human Rights Dialogue
Wall Street Journal, May 24, 2008

Human Rights Defender - Hu Jia (胡佳)
人权组织表彰胡佳夫妇 在洛颁予言论自由头等奖 (U.S. NGO Gives Freedom of Speech Award to Hu Jia Couple in Los Angeles)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2008

June 4th
天安门母亲网站将于5月28日正式开通 (The Tiananmen Mothers Campaign Website to Officially Launch on May 28)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2008

玖龙纸业严重以罚代管 (Extensive Use of Fines by Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Causes Concern for Worker's Rights)
Nanfang City News, May 27, 2008

北京家庭教会再次被冲击 (Beijing Authorities Once Again Raid Protestant House Churches)
Radio Free Asia, May 26, 2008

China Reacts Coolly to Dalai's Olympic Suggestion
Reuters, May 26, 2008