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Monday, February 10, 2020

Access to Justice (司法公正)

Doctor who exposed Sars cover-up is under house arrest in China, family confirms
The Guardian, February 9, 2020

Access to Information (信息公开)

Coronavirus: China’s state media calls for police to explain charges brought against ‘rumour-mongers’
South China Morning Post, February 8, 2020

陈秋实采访疫情疑遭强制隔离 南京学者郭泉公开谈肺炎被拘留 (Citizen journalist Chen Qiushi reportedly held incommunicado, other scholars detained, as authorities clamp down on coronavirus news)
Radio Free Asia, February 7, 2020

Chen Qiushi: A citizen journalist on the frontline of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak
Hong Kong Free Press, February 9, 2020

China Is Erasing Tributes to Coronavirus Whistleblower Doctor Li Wenliang
Vice News, February 7, 2020

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

纽约悼念李文亮:要言论自由、要真相 (Commemoration of Li Wenliang in New York: Seeking freedom of expression, truth)
Voice of America, February 10, 2020

Death of whistleblower ignites calls for political reform in China
Agence France-Presse, February 9, 2020

The Right to Freedom of Speech Starts Today — An Open Letter to the National People’s Congress and the NPC Standing Committee
China Change, February 7, 2020

The China Human Rights Lawyers Group’s Proposal to Declare February 6 ‘People’s Day of Truth’
China Change, February 7, 2020

Rare revolt in China in name of martyred coronavirus doctor
The Telegraph, February 7, 2020

不少武漢人拍短片求助信息 維權組織設群組揭如何自救 (Wuhan residents trapped in quarantine send video messages asking for help, rights group rallies citizens to coordinate relief efforts)
Radio Television Hong Kong, February 10, 2020

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Chinese cities try to flush out coronavirus patients by stopping cough medicine sales
Quartz, February 10, 2020

Coronavirus: China resorts to 'wartime' measures in Wuhan, sparking fears city is being sacrificed for greater good
The Independent, February 8, 2020

China Tightens Wuhan Lockdown in ‘Wartime’ Battle With Coronavirus
The New York Times, February 7, 2020

‘It does not look good’: Wuhan doctors press on in dire conditions after coronavirus whistle-blower’s death
South China Morning Post, February 8, 2020

China locked down millions in coronavirus-hit Hubei. Has it done more harm than good?
South China Morning Post, February 8, 2020

Where did they go? Millions left city before quarantine
Washington Post, February 9, 2020

‘Innocent, but Implicated’: Wuhan Native Is in Limbo During Epidemic
The New York Times, February 8, 2020

China's ghost cities: fear of coronavirus leaves streets deserted
The Guardian, February 8, 2020

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

Huawei: UK 5G concerns 'a witch-hunt' says Chinese ambassador
BBC, February 9, 2020

China warns France against treating Huawei differently from European competitors for 5G contracts
South China Morning Post, February 10, 2020

Hong Kong (香港)

Hong Kong protests: teachers who criticised government on social media say they are living in fear
South China Morning Post, February 10, 2020

教師 FB 評政府遭截圖「篤灰」 校方判無專業失德 教育局拒接納 裁定投訴成立 (Teacher who questioned government's handling of protest on Facebook sanctioned by Education Bureau, even though school ruled there was no misconduct)
Stand News, February 10, 2020

報道指江永祥郭嘉銓酒家設宴 14K 成員同場 警方:報道失實 無與鄰房顧客溝通 (Prominent senior police officers caught dining in the same restaurant as triad elders, claim "no communication with guests in the next room")
Stand News, February 9, 2020

將軍澳行動警拘 119 人 最細僅 13 歲 兩記者被指盜竊、阻差辦公 (119 arrested, including 2 journalists, in Tseung Kwan O on 3-month anniversary of Chow Tsz-lok's death)
Stand News, February 9, 2020

Coronavirus: Hongkongers in outbreak epicentre running low on medicine, masks and food, but government has no plans for flights out while lockdown continues
South China Morning Post, February 10, 2020

Coronavirus: the frontline workers left to keep Hong Kong safe without adequate protection against deadly infection
South China Morning Post, February 10, 2020

港鐵新工會向公司要求安全保障不果 通過表決擬進行工業行動 (MTR workers' union passes motion to consider strike after corporation fails to promise better protection for workers against coronavirus), February 9, 2020

港龍工會通過隨時發起工業行動 要求國泰全停內地航班 (Cathay Dragon to pass motion to start labor action pressing parent company, Cathay Pacific, to fully suspend mainland flights)
Radio Television Hong Kong, February 8, 2020

Commentary (评论)

在不正常的社會講「理性」變成了「最不理性」(In an abnormal society, talking "rationality" is the most irrational thing), February 10, 2020

Protest and punishment: How thousands of demonstrators are set to face Hong Kong’s court system
Hong Kong Free Press, February 9, 2020

China’s coronavirus might be the crisis Beijing can’t detain, spend, or censor away
Quartz, February 8, 2020

Coronavirus: China’s Xinjiang camps are a neglected high-risk area and should be closed
Hong Kong Free Press, February 8, 2020

The Divides That Make Hong Kong and West Berlin
The Atlantic, February 8, 2020