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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Access to Justice (司法公正)

年终特稿: 709人权律师案盘点 19大后有转机? (Will things turn for better after 19th party congress for “709” human rights lawyers?)
Voice of America, December 12, 2017

李昱函代理律师李柏光、蔺其磊就被其被刑讯逼供、狱中虐待提起控告 (Defense counsels of lawyer Li Yuhan sue detention center and police officers for torture and abuse)
Weiquanwang, December 11, 2017

張先玲:丈夫生前指解決六四事件路漫長 叮囑注意身體 (Zhang Xianling, Tiananmen Mothers activist, says late husband asked her to stay in good health as vindicating June Fourth will take years)
Radio Television Hong Kong, December 12, 2017

透明度不足影响问责赔偿 8律师携手为肺结核学生维权 (8 lawyers join force to represent Hunan students who contracted TB, demanding transparency, accountability, and compensation)
Radio Free Asia, December 11, 2017

Access to Information (信息公开)

年终报道:中国过去一年严厉封杀维权网站及网言 (China cracks down on right-defending website and speech on Internet during past year)
Voice of America, December 11, 2017

澳門倡電話卡實名制 網絡安全法今起公開諮詢 (Macau presses for SIM card real-name identification and solicits opinion on cybersecurity law)
Stand News, December 11, 2017

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

“南方傻瓜”甄江华:黑暗中行走的抗争者 (Zhen Jianghua, defier who walks in dark)
The Initium, December 12, 2017

The app that’s naming and shaming China’s polluters
Bloomberg, December 12, 2017

Hundreds take part in rare protest in Beijing over migrant crackdown
The Guardian, December 11, 2017

广东顺德村民逆风维权 当局夜半抓人 (Villagers in Guangdong defend land rights and get arrested by police at night)
Radio Free Asia, December 11, 2017

安徽南陵数百教师请愿 警喷射辣椒水驱散 (Hundreds of teachers in Anhui petition for better wages and get pepper-sprayed by police)
Radio Free Asia, December 11, 2017

内蒙牧民请愿讨要草场补贴 海外新书揭内蒙种族灭绝 (Inner Mongolian herdsmen petition for grassland compensation; New book revealing ethnic cleansing launched)
Radio Free Asia, December 11, 2017

Government Accountability (政府问责)

Beijing orders agencies to spearhead China’s transition to domestic “green cars”
South China Morning Post, December 12, 2017

Inside China's “virtue schools” for women
British Broadcasting Company, December 12, 2017

Education, health fees among key concerns
China Daily, December 12, 2017

National Security & Counterterrorism (国家安全和反恐)

New Zealand security chiefs warn of China threat
Financial Times, December 11, 2017

Hong Kong (香港)

泛民百人立會外示威紮營 警凌晨抬人完成清場 (Over 100 pan-democrats camp outside LegCo in protest against rule changes and removed by police after midnight)
Mingpao, December 12, 2017

嚴詞反駁批評 林鄭:政府不會做損害市民工作 (Carrie Lam outright rejects criticism and says SAR government will not harm its citizens)
Mingpao, December 12, 2017
Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters removed from outside legislature amid protest over house rules
Hong Kong Free Press, December 12, 2017

英倫「香港監察」今日成立,保港人權 (London-based Hong Kong Watch launched to defend human rights)
Local Press, December 11, 2017

New watchdog aims to "blow whistle" on Beijing and London over Hong Kong freedoms and rule of law
Hong Kong Free Press, December 12, 2017

趁開放日校外派傳單遭警圍 聖母書院學生批校方「多餘」 (Secondary schoolers send out localism flyers on Open Day and get surrounded by police)
Apple Daily, December 9, 2017

Commentary (评论)

立會修議事規則 為所欲為時代到了 (As LegCo rules change, time to do whatever they want has come)
Mingpao, December 12, 2017

仿佛又回到人人都「說假話、放衛星」的年代了 (We seem to be reliving era in which everyone lies)
Inmediahk, December 12, 2017

世道人生:殘害人權的最大魔怪 (Behemoth that tramples on human rights)
Apple Daily, December 12, 2017

Hong Kong must show greater commitment to equality
South China Morning Post, December 12, 2017

From forced evictions of migrant workers to abused children: violations of social & economic rights in China refute the “China development model”
从遭遇强迫驱逐的农民工到受虐待的儿童:- 经济社会人权继续得不到保障是对「中国发展模式」的有力反驳
Chinese Human Right Defenders, December 11, 2017