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Friday, January 06, 2012

Bilateral Ties

Huawei Dismisses U.S. Calls for Probe of Iran Business
Reuters, January 04, 2012

中国外交部指责欧盟以人权名义干涉中国内政 (Foreign Ministry Criticizes EU for Meddling in China's Internal Affairs for Commenting on Convictions of Chen Wei and Chen Xi)
Radio Free Asia, January 05, 2012
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Statement by the Spokesperson of High Representative Catherine Ashton on the Sentencing of Human Rights
Activists in China
January 04, 2012

Hong Kong

Kuk Chief Laughs Off Tuen Mun Protest
The Standard, January 06, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

艾未未案稅局覆議 (Ai Weiwei's Tax Case to Be Reviewed)
Ming Pao, January 06, 2012

刘晓原组律师团为乌坎村民维权 (Liu Xiaoyuan Forms Group of Lawyers to Protect Rights of Wukan Villagers)
Radio Free Asia, January 05, 2012

Land Policy

1,480 Cases of Land Grab, Demolition Handled
Xinhua News Agency, January 06, 2012


Media Encouraged to Make China Heard
China Daily, January 06, 2012
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全国对外宣传工作会议在京召开  (National Work Conference on International Propaganda Held in Beijing)
Xinhua News Agency, January 06, 2012


China's Uighur Bogeyman
The Wall Street Journal, January 06, 2012

The Inclusion Challenge
Global Times, January 05, 2012