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Monday, September 29, 2008

September 27-29, 2008

Another Arrest at the Ministry of Commerce
Caijing Magazine, September 28, 2008

四川省教育厅副厅长汪风雄被“双规” (Deputy General Director of Sichuan Department of Education Wang Fengxiong under "Double Regulation")
Caijing Magazine, September 27, 2008

13,000 Hit by Chongzuo Flooding
Xinhua (via Shanghai Daily), September 29, 2008

Death Toll Rises to 29 in North China Landslide
Xinhuanet, September 28, 2008

Beijing Announces Steps to Fight Smog, Traffic
Agence France-Presse (available at Google News), September 28, 2008

Water from Hebei Eases Beijing Water Shortage
Xinhuanet, September 28, 2008

滬世博行車不限單雙號 (Shanghai Will Not Have Car Restrictions during 2010 World Expo)
Ming Pao, September 29, 2008

Food Security
China Lawyers Pressed to End Milk Advice
Financial Times, September 28, 2008

当局隐瞒患儿肾结石 家长指医院坑人 (Families Blame Hospitals as Authorities Conceal Kidney Stone Cases)
Radio Free Asia, September 26, 2008

Homosexuals Better off in Taiwan than China
Voice of America, September 27, 2008

Human Rights Defender - Hu Jia (胡佳)
Jailed Chinese Dissident's Health Said to Be Poor
Reuters, September 27, 2008

Human Rights Defenders
Report: Olympic Activist Detained by China Police
Associated Press (via Google), September 27, 2008

四川成都异议人士陈道军被警方以“涉嫌煽动分裂国家罪”拘留 (Freelance Writer Chen Daojun Detained on Suspicion of "Inciting Subversion of State Power")
Radio Free Asia, September 29, 2008

Migrant Workers
广东将居住证取代暂住证制度 相关条例征求意见 (Guangdong Solicits Opinions on "Regulations on the Administration of the Floating Population"; Residence Permits to Replace Temporary Residence Permits)
Yangcheng Wanbao, September 26, 2008

Protests and Petitions
黑龙江维权者遭判刑一年半 (Heilongjiang Anti-corruption Petitioner Li Shuchun Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison)
Radio Free Asia, September 28, 2008

四川灾民代表杨培群上访被抓后杳无音讯 (Yang Peiqun, Representative of Earthquake Victims, Detained while Petitioning, Whereabouts Unknown)
Radio Free Asia, September 28, 2008

武汉访民靳光明获释 (Wuhan Teacher, Detained in July for Refusing to Promise to Not Petition, Released)
Radio Free Asia, September 26, 2008

Public Health
Xi'an Hospital Blamed for Death of 8 Infants
China Daily, September 29, 2008

Row with Chinese Police near Kirt Monastery Leaves 50 Tibetan Monks Injured
Times Online, September 27, 2008

Tibet Police Chief, Deputy Governor Sacked: Agency
Reuters, September 27, 2008

Doubt Arises in Account of an Attack in China
International Herald Tribune, September 29, 2008

China's Muslims Say Ramadan a Time of Repression
Associated Press (via Google), September 28, 2008