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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

Top news
Two Sessions
Intriguing Reference to Privatisation Results in Many Raised Eyebrows
South China Morning Post, March 15, 2011

Milk Activist a Taboo Topic at NPC Session
South China Morning Post, March 15, 2011

Hollow-brick Buildings Blamed for Quake Deaths
South China Morning Post, March 15, 2011

Death Penalty
山东泰安拒捕枪杀民警案被告人被判死刑 (Murder Charges End in Death Sentences in Shandong Police Shooting)
Xinhua News Agency, March 15, 2011

国家林业局:中国荒漠化土地300年才能治理完 (Forestry Administration: Control of Desertification Will Take 300 Years)
Economic Information Daily, March 15, 2011

四川万源52个乡镇旱情持续 城区限时供水 (Water Supply Limited in 52 Sichuan Villages as Drought Continues)
China National Radio, March 14, 2011

郑州西流湖污染严重 污水值最高超标110倍 (Pollutants 110 Times Higher Than Standard in Filthy Zhengzhou Lake)
Dahe Daily, March 15, 2011

Food Security
工業鹽製酸菜熱賣 (Industrial Salt Popular Pickler in Liaoning)
Ming Pao, March 15, 2011

北京称劳动者进京是历史必然 放开户籍还没条件 (Official: Unrelated to Population Control, Beijing Not to Loosen Household Registration System)
Beijing Morning Post, March 15, 2011

Man Denied Teacher's Job over White Cell Count
Shanghai Daily, March 14, 2011

China to Prosecute 24 over Deadly Shanghai Fire
Associated Press, March 14, 2011

China, Vietnam 'Biggest Prisons for Netizens'
Radio Free Asia, March 14, 2011

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Reporters Without Borders, March 11, 2011,39764.html

HK Firms Help Mainlanders Get around the 'Great Firewall'
South China Morning Post, March 15, 2011

Public Health
艾滋病人 “地下”就诊现状 (AIDS Patients Forced Underground to Find Medical Help)
Outlook, March 15, 2011

人民日报:现在还有八种人不幸福 (Petitioners Round out Official List of Eight Types of Unhappy People)
People's Daily, March 15, 2011

Protest Monk Held amid Clampdown
Radio Free Asia, March 14, 2011

Tibet Jails Are Like Guantanamo, Says Ex-political Prisoner
IANS, March 14, 2011