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Thursday, November 02, 2006

November 2, 2006

Top News of the Day
Human Rights Defender - Zhou Zhirong (周志荣)
赤壁维权人士周志荣等被逮捕 上海血友病人孔德麟等被刑事拘留 ("Tiananmen Kneeling Protest" Organizer Zhou Zhirong Formally Arrested in Hubei)
Radio Free Asia, November 01, 2006

Zhou Zhirong (周志荣), who organized a protest at Tiananmen Square in September, was formally arrested on November 1 on charges of disturbing public order. Another organizer, Hong Yunzhou (洪运周), who suffers from tuberculosis, was also arrested.

Civil Society
黑户义工遭遇身份尴尬 (Volunteers for Unregistered Social Organizations Lack Protection)
China Youth Daily, November 02, 2006

反洗钱法有了,财产申报呢? (Commentary: Will Wealth Declarations Follow the Anti-Money Laundering Law?)
Nanfang City News, November 02, 2006

央行:反洗钱不影响个人隐私和商业机密 (Privacy and Commercial Secrets Not Affected by Anti-Money Laundering Law: Bank of China)
China Youth Daily, November 02, 2006

Death Penalty
China's High Court to Review Death Sentences
Los Angeles Times, November 01, 2006

Gender – Discrimination
高龄白领怀孕被公司解雇 老板曾威胁其堕胎 (Woman Sacked by Hong Kong-Owned Company After Reporting Pregnancy)
People's Daily, November 02, 2006

Government - Grassroots Elections
泛蓝联盟成员邓太清遭枪击恐吓 (Gunshots Fired into Pan-blue Alliance" Member Deng Taiqing’s Home in Shanxi)
Radio Free Asia, November 01, 2006

Human Rights
Chinese Defector Finds No Asylum
Washington Times, November 01, 2006

Human Rights Defenders
上海警方拘留关注血友艾滋病人士 (Leader of Hemophilic Group Kong Delin Detained in Shanghai)
Voice of America, November 01, 2006

Labor - Industrial Accidents
One Dead, 20,000 Evacuated After China Ammonia Leak
AFP (via YahooNews), November 01, 2006

一起并不复杂的案件何以办成冤案 (How Can a Simple Criminal Case End Up a Wrongful Conviction Against Four Innocent Victims?)
Legal Daily, November 02, 2006

New Laws, Regulations to Come into Effect on Nov. 1
Xinhuanet, October 31, 2006

禁刊首日违禁广告悄变脸 (Ads Change Wording as Law on Misleading Advertising Becomes Effective on Nov. 1)
The Beijing News, November 02, 2006

China: We Don't Censor the Internet. Really, November 02, 2006

Chinese Dissident Slams Internet Firms on China
MacWorld, November 02, 2006

维基英文网解禁 敏感字词仍被封 (Except for Sensitive Words, Wikipedia Web Site Unblocked in China)
Ming Pao, November 02, 2006

我是弱者,因为我是记者 (I Am Weak Because I Am a Journalist)
China Youth Daily, November 02, 2006

微軟顧問:中國不民主 微軟將撤出 (Microsoft May Pull Out from Non-democratic China: Senior Executive)
BBC, November 02, 2006

维权律师张元欣网站被关 (Website of Human Rights Lawyer Zhang Yuanxin Closed)
Radio Free Asia, November 01, 2006

Migrant Workers
农民工维权路上还要劈开几座山 (The Bumpy Road of Defending the Rights of Rural Migrant Workers)
Legal Daily, November 02, 2006

TB Reported Rampant Among Chinese Migrants
China National News, November 01, 2006

With 2008 China Olympics in View, Baptists Plan Ministries
BP News, October 31, 2006

专家研讨城管困境: 城管执法不能脱离国情 (Experts Argue City Authorities Should Consider the "National Situation" When Enforcing the Law)
China Youth Daily, November 02, 2006

构建和谐社会关注民生九要素 (Building a Harmonious Society Demands Concern over Nine Major Issues)
People's Daily, November 02, 2006

Protests and Petitions
天水地方政府涉嫌侵占教产 教徒静坐维权不散 (Christians in Tianshui, Gansu Province, Join Sit-in over Government's Occupation of Church Properties)
Radio Free Asia, November 01, 2006

陕西修路工人围攻县政府 (Road Maintenance Workers Attack Government Building in Shaanxi After Clashing with Villagers)
Radio Free Asia, November 01, 2006

Public Health
WHO Rebukes Ministry for Not Sharing New Bird Flu Strain
SCMP, November 02, 2006

Hepatitis B Virus Carriers Shunned in China
China Daily, October 31, 2006

Religion - Christianity
China Tour Showed Christian Growth
BBC, November 02, 2006

Social Security
单亲家庭低保标准将提高 (Beijing to Raise Minimum Living Allowance for Single-Parent Families)
People's Daily, November 01, 2006