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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Civil Society

深圳劳工NGO遭遇逼迁 (Shenzhen Labor NGOs Evicted)
Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, October 18, 2012


广东电子垃圾拆解重镇污染接近成灾 (Guangdong: Pollution from Recycling Electronics near Disastrous)
Caixin, October 7, 2012

Hong Kong

香港支持及反對國教團體集會對陣 (Opponents and Supporters of National Education Square Off in Demonstrations Government Headquarters)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 17, 2012

Spar for the Course as Ng Quit Call Fails
The Standard, October 18, 2012

Human Rights Defenders

Chen Guangcheng's Brother Sues Police for Storming His Home
Reuters, October 17, 2012

陳光誠兄被炒 一家借錢度日 (Chen Guangcheng's Broth Fired, Family Must Borrow to Survive)
Ming Pao, October 18, 2012陳光誠兄被炒-家借錢度日-211704687.html

与陈光诚共进午餐 (Lunch with Chen Guangcheng)
Financial Times, October 17, 2012


人社部报告称2成职工5年内从未涨工资 (Human Resources Ministry Report: 20% of Workers Have Not Received Pay Rises in Last 5 Years)
Southern Daily, October 18, 2012

中国薪酬发展报告(2011年) (2011 Report on the Development of Salary in China)
Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, 2012

Land Policy

Success of Crackdown on Forced Demolition Revealed
Xinhua News Agency, October 18, 2012

Protests and Petitions

三十多访民赴京遭围殴遣送 上访村再遭政府人员夜袭 (Beijing: 30+ Petitioners Beaten and Returned to Their Hometowns, Petitioning Village Again Attacked by in the Night)
Radio Free Asia, October 17, 2012

湖南湘潭承认拆迁导致村民自焚 (Xiangtan, Hunan Authorities Confirm Demolition Lead to Villager Shi Ganming’s Self-immolation)
British Broadcasting Corporation, October 18, 2012

川官指猝死司機肇因病發 (Sichuan Official: Driver’s Death Caused by Illness)
Ming Pao, October 18, 2012川官指猝死司機肇因病發-030803971.html

Chinese Residents Take to Streets after Man Reported Killed
Reuters, October 17, 2012

Video of the crowd and police surrounding driver in Luzhou:
泸州红星村农贸市场交警打死人了 (Traffic Police Beat Man to Death in Hongxing Village Farmers' Market)