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Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Xinjiang (新疆)

新疆多名伊玛目被重判 疫情隔离措施持续 (Heavy sentences for Imam and followers in Xinjiang; ethnic minorities lose contact with family members as strict quarantine continues)
Radio Free Asia, March 3, 2020

Chinese Embassy in Turkey Confirms Detentions of Exiled Uyghur Family Members in Xinjiang
Radio Free Asia, March 2, 2020

Access to Justice (司法公正)

长沙富能案程渊妻子施明磊因发呼救丈夫视频遭警方威胁 (Shi Minglei, wife of Changsha rights activist Cheng Yuan, threatened by police for posting video appeal for her husband’s release)
Weiquanwang, March 3, 2020

来自伍雷律师的呼吁:全国每一名律师连续三天转发安徽蒙冤律师吕先三案件!(Lawyer Wu Lei appeals to all lawyers in China to disseminate information on the case of lawyer Lu Xiansan who has been framed)
Weiquanwang, March 3, 2020

Access to Information (信息公开)

China censored COVID-19 news for weeks, say researchers
Channel News Asia, March 3, 2020

Chinese citizens are racing against censors to preserve coronavirus memories on GitHub
Quartz, March 3, 2020

How WeChat censored even neutral messages about the coronavirus in China
South China Morning Post, March 3, 2020

Citizen Participation (公民参与)

陈秋实、方斌失联 网友发起白宫请愿 (Netizens launched White House petition on the 3-week-long disappearances of citizen journalists Chen Qiushi and Fang Bin)
Deutsche Welle, March 3, 2020

Government Accountability (政府问责)

China doctors seek tougher discharge criteria after positive COVID-19 tests
Channel News Asia, March 2, 2020

ICTs and Human Rights (信息技术与人权)

Chinese Authorities Track People's Phones as Some Return to Work
Radio Free Asia, March 3, 2020

中國200個城市推行「健康碼」,人權團體:防疫軟體之後可能成為「監控工具」 (As 200 cities in China implement "health codes," human rights group warns of "monitoring tool" in the guise of anti-epidemic software)
The News Lens, March 3, 2020

中国网络管控新规上路 部分北京市民表示无奈 (China sets new rules for network management and control, some Beijing residents feel helpless)
Voice of America , March 3, 2020

Hong Kong (香港)

'Unprecedented' mental health issues seen in Hong Kong amid COVID-19 fears
Channel News Asia, March 3, 2020

In Pictures: Officers ‘moved some objects,’ say police after force accused of destroying tributes to dead student
Hong Kong Free Press, March 3, 2020

Hong Kong’s face mask shortage highlights injustice inflicted on vulnerable communities
Hong Kong Free Press, March 3, 2020

預算案評分跌至40分創新低 香港民研鍾劍華:派錢買唔到人心 (Public opinion polls show 40% approval of the Hong Kong budget for 2020-2021, a historic low; expert: you can't buy support )
The Stand News, March 3, 2020

接受《彭博》專訪 陳茂波稱不排除開徵銷售稅 (Hong Kong government to consider collecting sales tax)
The Stand News, March 3, 2020

深水埗露宿者稱遭便衣警毀家當、踩下陰 團體轟警可恥促道歉賠償 (Homeless in Sham Shui Po who were attacked and shamed by police demand apology and compensation)
The Stand News, March 3, 2020

隔離中心冇招標 中資食水特別深?(Are Chinese contractors profiting inequitably from no-bid contracts for t building emergency quarantine facilities?)
The Stand News, March 3, 2020

林鄭未否認向中央呈「篤背脊」「利用抗疫翻盤」報告 (Carrie Lam denies “blaming the protests for the failures of the anti-outbreak policies” and “accusing pro-establishment camp for abandoning her” in leaked report to Beijing)
The Stand News, March 3, 2020

滯留湖北其他地區港人冀政府加快安排協助返港 (Hong Kongers trapped in Hubei and other regions in mainland China urge government to speed up evacuation process)
Radio Television Hong Kong, March 3, 2020

Hong Kong Journalists Hit Out at Police After Weekend of Renewed Protests
Radio Free Asia, March 2, 2020

Hong Kong Has Contained Coronavirus So Far — But At A Significant Cost
NPR, March 1, 2020

Commentary (评论)

China’s Coronavirus Crisis Is Just Beginning
The New York Times, March 3, 2020

思想病毒啟示錄 (The Chinese government is incubating a new virus to kill your critical thinking)
The Stand News, March 3, 2020

中国任联合国安理会轮值主席 北京国际影响力引关注 (China takes month-long presidency of UN Security Council, its international influence draws attention)
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 3, 2020

周雪光专访:新冠疫情暴露“刚性”体制弊端 (Interview with Zhou Xueguang: Novel Coronavirus epidemic exposes flaws of a rigid system)
British Broadcasting Corporation, March 3, 2020

小端網絡觀察:中國網友抵制外國人永居權立法,非我族類其心必異? (Online discussions of the Chinese immigration rule amendment exposes racism and xenophobia in China)
The Initium, March 1, 2020