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Monday, November 17, 2008

November 15-17, 2008

Bilateral Ties

Beijing Pressures US over Taiwan Arms Deal
Financial Times, November 16, 2008

Environmental Official Faces Bribery Charges
Shanghai Daily, November 17, 2008

Aftershock Shakes Quake-hit Region in China
Agence France-Presse (via Google), November 16, 2008

Economic Development
Govt Plan Signals Shift from Growth-first Policy
China Daily, November 17, 2008

广东近七成城市受酸雨污染 珠三角是重灾区 (Pearl Delta a Disaster Area: Acid Rain Found in almost 70% of Guangdong Cities)
Nanfang Daily, November 17, 2008

Food Security
China Milk Inspectors Beaten over Tough Checks: State Media
Agence France-Presse (via Google), November 14, 2008
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Deaths Uncounted in China's Tainted Milk Scandal
Associated Press (via Google), November 16, 2008

深圳居民饮地下污水患肾结石 (Shenzhen Residents Develop Kidney Stones after Drinking Contaminated Local Water)
Radio Free Asia, November 16, 2008

Human Rights Defenders
谢长发“涉嫌颠覆国家政权”案 公安局正式移送检察院审查起诉 (China Democracy Party Member Xie Changfa's Case Sent to Procuratorate for Investigation)
Radio Free Asia, November 14, 2008

中国民主党成员吴义龙本月内将获释 (China Democracy Party Activist Wu Yilong to Be Released This Month)
Radio Free Asia, November 14, 2008

Death Toll in Hangzhou Subway Collapse Rises to Six
Shanghai Daily, November 17, 2008

Three Officials Resign after 5-day Taxi Strike Ends in South China City
Xinhuanet, November 15, 2008

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Wave of Cabbie Strikes Spreads to Guangzhou
South China Morning Post, November 17, 2008

河南郏县高门洞煤矿发生透水事故33人被困 (33 Trapped in Flooded Henan Coal Mine), November 17, 2008

山西煤焦化产业陷入危机 失业人数已超过十万人 (Over 100K Shanxi Workers Laid off in Due to Crisis in Coal and Coke Industry)
Radio Free Asia, November 15, 2008

Guangxi Villagers in Land Dispute
Radio Free Asia, November 14, 2008

甕安6.28騷亂一批犯罪分子獲刑 (6 Participants in Weng'an Protests Sentenced)
Ta Kung Pao, November 14, 2008

《炎黄春秋》因正面报道赵紫阳面临整肃 (Recent "Yanhuang Chunqiu" Cover Story on Zhao Ziyang Upsets Officials, Journal Faces Increased Pressure)
Radio Free Asia, November 14, 2008

UN Says China Should Improve Rural Public Services
Associated Press (via Google), November 16, 2008

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2007/2008 China Human Development Report
U.N. Development Programme, November 16, 2008

Public Health
Report: China's New Medical Reform Plan Likely to Be Issued This Year
Xinhuanet, November 14, 2008

Rural Issues
China Plans Insurance for 80% Farmers in 7 Years
Xinhuanet, November 17, 2008

Ex-premier Forms Lawyers Alliance for Human Rights
China News Agency, November 17, 2008

Tibetans Plot Future after Dalai Lama Admits Failure
Agence France-Presse (via Google), November 17, 2008